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Dave Winfield Background Check, Dave Winfield Public Records

Dave Winfield Celebrity Life

Born on the 3rd of October, 1951, David Mark Winfield is a former Baseball player who played for the American baseball league 'Major League Baseball'. He is currently the assistant to the executive director of the players association for the league. He has played for many teams in his playing days.

He played as a Right Fielder (RF) for teams such as Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, San Diego Padres, California Angels, and Toronto Blue Jays.
Winfield has had an illustrious career with 12 MLB All-Star picks, seven Gold Glove awards. His jersey number 31 has been retired by San Diego Padres in his honor. He is a baseball hall of fame and has been named as one of the best all-around athletes ever in the world by ESPN.
Amateur Career

David Mark Winfield was born in St. Paul Minnesota. His parents had divorced when he was just three years old, he grew with his mother and relatives. His schooling was completed from Saint Paul Central High School.

His athletic prowess was noticed early and in 1969, he received a full baseball scholarship to the University of Minnesota.

Dave Winfield Background Check
He was part of the Minnesota University Basketball and Baseball teams. His towering height at 6'6" was another factor for his accomplishment in basketball along with baseball.

He led the Minnesota team to a state championship for the first time in more than 50 years, in the Big Ten Conference Basketball Championship.

Winfield was also selected to play for Alaska Goldpanners for the 1971 and 1972 season and had a great run with the team, earning him a Most Valuable Player for the '72 season. Following his great run with sport, he was drafted by many renowned teams from the MLB, National Basketball Association (NBA) and also from the National Football League (NFL) draft, in spite of never participating in college football.

That makes one of the few athletes who were drafted by three sports. David Winfield Chose baseball which was always his first choice.
Professional Career

San Diego Padres

David Winfield played his first season in MLB for the San Diego Padres. Although he was a pitcher, his strong arm was used extensively by the San Diego Padres for hits and he had an average hit record of .277 in his first season with the team. He was with the team from 1973 to 1980.

New York Yankees

In the year 1981, New York Yankees signed Winfield for a record fee of $23 Million, which made him the highest-paid player at that time. His stint with New York Yankees was a bittersweet experience with credible performances, but bad blood with the team owner.

He was publicly derided by their owner on numerous occasions, but Winfield, despite struggling with his form occasionally, delivered an excellent performance on all season, making to the ALL-Star team for all the season with Yankees. His career with the Yankees lasted from 1981 to 1990.

Dave Winfield Public Records

California Angels

In the 1990 season, Winfield was traded by Yankees to California Angels for Mike Witt. He had a good season with the team, hitting for a cycle against Kansas City Royals.

Toronto Blue Jays-Championship Team

On December 19th, he was signed by Toronto Blue Jays as a hitter, where he averaged a batting score of .290 with a stellar 26 home runs. He was very popular among the fans and led the team to there World Series Championship win against Atlanta Braves.


He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in the year 2001.
He was also ranked 15th position in the Big Ten Conference list of "ICONS".

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