Dazzy Vance Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Felix J.

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Dazzy Vance Celebrity Life

Charles Arthur Vance, more commonly famous as Dazzy Vance was a professional American baseball player. He was born on 4th March 1981 in Orient, Iowa. Vance died at the age of 69 on 16th February 1961 at Homosassa Springs, Florida, a few years after completing his professional career.

Dazzy Vance started his career with his Major League Baseball debut on 16th April 1915 when he played for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He made his last baseball appearance on 14th August 1935 representing the Brooklyn Dodgers. In his entire baseball career, Vance had a 197 to 140 win-loss record, a 3.24 earned-run average and took 2,045 strikeouts.


Also, between 1915 and 1935, Vance played for five professional baseball team. These included the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1915, the New York Yankees in 1915 and 1918; the Brooklyn Robins / Dodgers between 1922–1932, and in 1935, the St. Louis Cardinals in 1933 and 1934, and the Cincinnati Reds also in 1934.

Dazzy Vance Background Check
As for his career highlights and awards, Dazzy was an NL strikeout leader between 1922 and 1928. He was awarded the NL MVP, Triple Crown, MLB wins leader, and NL ERA leader in 1924. A year later, he won the MLB wins leader and also pitched a no-hitter on September 13 the same year. He again won the NL ERA leader in 1928 and 1930. Dazzy was also awarded the World Series champion in 1934. In 1955, Dazzy became a National Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. He received 81.7% votes from 16 ballots.

Another astonishing fact about Dazzy Lance is that he hit his 7th as well as the final home run when he was 43 years and 6 months old. This record made him the second-oldest pitcher to hit a home run at his age. The record still stands to date.

Lance’s legacy is also mentioned in the poem “Line-up for Yesterday” by Ogden Nash in a 1981 published book “The 100 Greatest Baseball Players of All Time”. The book was written by Lawrence Ritter and Donald Honig. Both writers had a keen interest in the game of baseball.


Early Life of Charles “Dazzy” Vance

Dazzy spent his entire childhood years in Nebraska. He began his career in 1912 by playing as a semi-pro minor league baseball player for the Nebraska State League. He lived in Red Cloud, Nebraska during the same year. After pitching for the Superior Nebraska State League in 1913, and the Hastings Giants - Nebraska State League in 1914, Vance made his first MLB debut in 1915.


Charles lived in Homosassa Springs, Florida from 1920 onward. His favorite hobbies were hunting and fishing.

Dazzy Vance Background Check
Physical Injuries

Dazzy suffered an arm injury in 1916 and was given medical treatment for the same. Thereafter, he continued to play as a minor league baseball player with teams in Columbus and Toledo in Ohio; in Memphis, Tennessee; in Rochester, New York; and in Sacramento, California. However, Vance didn’t play for the Major League Baseball teams until 1918.

He only appeared for pitching during these games. But after his recovery in 1921, that Vance made a successful baseball career. One of his greatest achievements was when he pitched for the New Orleans Pelicans, Southern Association in the 1921 game. He made 163 strikeouts during the season and led his team to a 21 to 11 win-loss record.

Dazzy also caught pneumonia in 1938, and remain hospitalized for many months. Even though his condition was severe, however, he recovered from it. Thereafter, he became a frequent member of the Brooklyn old-timers game.

Vance also suffered a heart attack in 1961. But, as per his obituary mentioned on The Sporting News website, Dazzy was under a doctor's care. He was reported to be in good health prior to his demise.

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