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Del Unser Celebrity Life

Del Unser was born Delbert Bernard Unser on the 9th of December 1944. He is a former professional American baseball player and led a long illustrious career of 15 years from 1968 – 1982 in the MLB. He played like a baseball center fielder and utility player, while he played baseball.

Early Life and High School Career

Del Unser played baseball for both The Eastern Illinois University, as well as the Mississippi State University. However, he performed statistically much better while he was at Mississippi State University. In both the seasons of 1965 and 1966, Unser led Mississippi State University to a Conference Championship and was named to the first-team All-SEC as an outfielder. He was at his best in the 1996 season, with 31 runs, 39 hits, and a 0.333 batting average.


Professional Career

Unser was drafted by the Washington Senators, in the first round of the June draft of 1966. However, this was not the first time that a team had attempted to draft Unser. He had been drafted by the Minnesota twins during the June Draft of 1965 but did not sign with them.

Del Unser Background Check
Unser was reported to the Double-A affiliates of the Senators, the York White Roses of the Eastern League. However, Unser was unable to show abilities in the major league and was no able to find his ground in the minor league. However, the management of the Senators trusted Unser’s abilities, and thus Unser was able to move forward from the minor league to the major league.

Unser made his major league debut for the senators on April 10th, 1968, for the Senators at the age of 23. His debut came against the Minnesota twins and was able to get a hit during his debut game itself.

Unser’s time at the Senators lasted from 1968 -1971. Unser remained with the franchise when they moved to Texas to become the Rangers but was unable to start a game under this franchise, even though stayed with them for a total of one season.


Then came a series of movements from one franchise to another. From the Rangers, he moved to the Cleveland Indians, as part of an exchange deal. However, he was unable to leave his mark with the Indians and was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies for the next season. The Philadelphia Phillies then traded him to New York Mets for the 1975 season, where again failed to leave a mark.

It was difficult to pinpoint, why he was unable to perform at his best under all of these franchises. One might have pinpointed the continuously changing conditions, which Unser could not get used to, as the main reason. Another reason was that Unser’s injury problems kept getting in the way of him starting games and showing his best on the field.

Del Unser Public Records
From the New York Mets, Unser was again traded to the Montreal Expos where he remained until 1979. After becoming a free agent in 1979, Unser decided to move back to the Philadelphia Phillies. While at the Phillies, Unser led the team to an extremely important win over Kansas City Royals, in the 1980 World Series. His performance in this particular game earned him a huge fan following with Philadelphia Phillies.

He remained with the Philadelphia Phillies for a couple of seasons, until 1982. However, during the 1982 season, the Phillies decided to trade him off, ending his spell in the major league.

Unser’s career in the Major league consisted of 1,799 games in total, with a count of 1,344 hits, 481 runs batted in, 87 home runs as well as a lifetime batting average of 0.258.

Personal Life

Del Unser is the son of Al Unser, who also played major league baseball but as a catcher. Del Unser was inducted into the hall of fame of Mississippi State University in the year 1997.

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