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DeSean Jackson Background Check, DeSean Jackson Public Records

DeSean Jackson Celebrity Life

DeSean Jackson is an American born professional football player playing for the NFL member team Philadelphia Eagles in the wide receiver position.

Desean Jackson was born on the 1st of December, 1986 in the Los Angeles area of California in the United States of America.

Jackson has played for the University of California which is Berkeley. He has had an impressive run with the college team California Golden Bears and was hence recognized as a deserving consensus for the All-American team list.
Post his final season with the California Golden Bears he was drafted in the NFL Draft of 2008 by the NFL member team Philadelphia Eagles in the overall second level of drafting and along with Philadelphia Bears Jackson has further played with other NFL teams such as Tampa Bay Buccaneers based out of Tampa in Florida and Washington based Washington Redskins.

DeSean Jackson has made it to the Pro Bowl team selection on three occasions following his impressive seasons under the respective clubs.

DeSean Jackson Background Check
DeSean Jackson is also one of the first-ever players who has been part of the same Pro-Bowl team in two different positions.

In the 2010 edition of Pro-Bowl, Jackson was selected to play both as a wide receiver and also as a return specialist.

Early life

DeSean Jackson having been born in and around the Los Angeles area and grew up in a neighborhood called Crenshaw. He did his high schooling from the Long Beach High School in Polytechnic.

This will also be the same high school from where Jackson's future Philadelphia Eagles teammates such as Winston Justice and others such current players of the NFL have passed out from.

DeSean Jackson also became a top-level wide receiver recruit for the nation and hence was pursued by various colleges for their respective college clubs.
In 2004, DeSean Jackson was named as the winner of the Glenn Davis Award as the Southern part of California's player for the year. He was declared a winner by Los Angeles Times, a popular news publication.

Apart from football, Jackson was also an avid field and track athlete and ran track events and also played Basketball.

In fact, he was also pursued by Philadelphia Phillies and The Tampa Bay Rays for their college basketball teams. He had an impressive timing of 10.5 seconds in a 100-meter sprint.
DeSean Jackson in his final year managed to catch around 60 number of passes for a total yardage of 1,075 along with 15 number of touchdowns.

This impressive showing led his High School team The Jackrabbits to a championship in the Southern Section of High School Team Federation of Football.
DeSean Jackson Public Records  

To finish off the streak of impressive high school showing, DeSean Jackson was also voted as the MVP(Most Valuable Player) in the All American Bowl hosted by the US Army in the San Antonio area of Texas.

In the Bowl, Jackson caught a total of 7 passes for a total yardage of 141 and also passed for total 45 yards for a touchdown thereby leading his team representing the West to 35 to 3 points dominating victory.

But not everything was a walk in the park for Jackson as was also found involved in an awkward gameplay when in a moment of showing off Jackson attempted a spectacular finish did a somersault to finish a 5-yard distance line to complete a touchdown, but instead of landing beyond the line he rather finished on the one-yard line.

Jackson was highly rated by the scouting network such as Scout.con and and was offered multiple college scholarship offers.

Jackson had a tough time choosing between universities and ultimately chose to play for the University of California

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