Eric Young Jr. Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Kelly G.

Eric Young Jr. Background Check, Eric Young Jr. Public Records

Eric Young Jr. Celebrity Life

Eric Young Jr. is an American professional baseball player hailing from New Jersey. He is best known for playing for teams like Colorado Rockies and New York Mets.

Early Life:

Eric Young Jr was born on 25th May 1985 in New Brunswick, New Jersey to parents Eric Young and Paula Robinson. Eric Young Sr. was also a major league baseball player and was drafted for the first time by the Los Angeles Lakers while Young Jr. was still a child. Young’s parents shared his custody and lived separately.


Young Jr. grew up in Piscataway and attended Piscataway Township High school. His father was already a major league player and he spent his summers following his teams.

He spent his time as a batboy for teams like the Dodgers, Cubs, and Rockies. Needless to say, baseball had a huge influence on him and he played various sports during his time at Piscataway High.

Eric Young Jr. Background Check
He excelled as a diamond star at second base and as a running back. Villanova University offered him a football scholarship but he declined to state his interest in baseball. In 2003, Colorado Rockies selected Young in the 30th round of the Major baseball draft of that year. Young made a decision to not attend college and signed with the Rockies.

Professional Career:

Colorado Rockies: The Rockies sent Young to Wyoming for the 2004 season where he played for the Colorado Caspers of the Pioneer League. For the next 5 years, Young worked his way up to play for the majors. He led all the minor in the season of 2006 in stolen bases with 87. He also won the Arizona Fall League batting title with an impressive 0.430 average.


Young made his major league debut with the Rockies on 25th august 2009. He hit his first home run in a subsequent match against Cincinnati Reds. He moved between the Rockies and springs for the next few years failing to win a regular starting spot. He was traded to New York Mets on June 18, 2013.

New York Mets: Young assumed the position of left fielder for the Mets and became the team's stolen base champion with 46. He started the 2014 season with Chris Young, batted an average of 0.229 with 30 stolen bases. The Mets did not offer a contract to young after the 2014 season.

Eric Young Jr. Public Records  

Minor Leagues: In the following years, Young signed minor league contracts with Atlanta Braves in February 2015, Milwaukee Brewers in January 2016, Los Angeles Angels in January 2017, Baltimore Orioles in January 2019, and Seattle Mariners in March 2019. As of July 28, 2019, he is signed with the Acereros de Monclova of the Mexican League.

He made brief appearances in the major league with a second stint with the Mets in August 2015, and Los Angeles Angels in 2017.

Crime Records:

There are no criminal records reported in Eric Young Jr.’s name.

Personal Life:

Eric Young Jr. got married to Victoria Hemingway in January 2013.

The couple faced a personal tragedy in 2017 when a pregnant Victoria gave birth to their son 3 months premature. The child, unfortunately, could not survive and passed away after a day.

Young was brave enough to come out in the open and share such intimate information in the public domain. He has been quite vocal about dealing with his grief of losing a child and hopes to inspire people and find some triumph in the situation.

Social Media:

Eric Young has official social media handles on Instagram and Twitter.

Young’s official Instagram handle is @itseyjr with a following of around 38500 followers.

Young’s Twitter handle is @EYJr and has about 48000 followers.

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