Fletcher Cox Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Rannie A.

Fletcher Cox Background Check, Fletcher Cox Public Records

Fletcher Cox Celebrity Life

As experts point out, we really do not know from where talented sportspeople appear suddenly and take their respective sports field by storm. They seem to "tumble out" from nowhere.

There have been several such talented sportspeople in every sport including football. Fletcher Cox of the USA, who was chosen five times for the Pro Bowl, is one such talent. Let us know more about him.

Fletcher Cox was born on 13th December 1990 and he plays the position of the defensive tackle. He was first drafted for the NFL of 2012 by Philadelphia Eagles.

During his college years, he played in the state of Mississippi. Apart from being a champion of the Super Bowl, Cox was chosen five times for the Pro Bowl.


The College Career of Cox

Cox's schooling was in the High School of Yazoo in the City of Yazoo, Mississippi. In the school, apart from playing football, he was playing basketball and running track as well. He played for the State University of Mississippi for three seasons.

In 2011, a weekly called Pro Football named him as an All-American in juniors category.

When he played in the senior category, he shone so well that he was chosen to play in the All-Star Game in the High School of Mississippi-Alabama.

Cox was a member of the team of Field & High Track of Yazoo as well and he took part in relays and high-jump competitions. He excelled in both the events also.

Rivals.com considered him as a recruit who belonged to the four-star rank. His country-ranking was fifth in the weak-side defensive position. He was also considered prospect No.2 in Mississippi state.

Scout.com placed him in the 17th position in the defensive position. Cox chose the state university of Mississippi over LSU, Ole Miss, Auburn, and Alabama.

Fletcher Cox Background Check
Cox's 2012 season

In the NFL Draft of 2012, Philadelphia Eagles chose Cox as the 12th overall for playing in the first round. On 18th June 2012, he signed a four-year deal with the team.

In a match played against Detroit Lions on 14th October 2012, Cox misbehaved and was fined heftily. But his performance during the year was terrific.

2013 season

Thanks to his great performance during 2013, Philadelphia Eagles could clinch the East NFC but the team lost in the wild-card round that was played against Saints of New Orleans

2014 season

2014 season was another great one for Cox. Thanks to his presence in the defensive line of the Eagles, the team could get league-wide recognition. Cox could get the All-Pro honors of the Second-team.


2015 season

On 27th April 2015, Cox was again picked by the Philadelphia Eagles and it was an option for the 5th year for him. He was with them even during the 2016 season.

As in 2014, Cox could record amazing tally during 2015 also. Therefore, he could get All-Pro honors and was chosen for the Pro-Bowl.

This selection for the Pro-Bowl was a first in Cox's career. He got the Ed-Block award for courage also. His ranking in the 2016-top NFL players list was 49.

2016 season

In 2016, Cox switched to the defensive tackle position because the team changed its strategy. On 13th June 2016, he signed an extension deal with Philadelphia Eagles.

The deal was for six years and it was worth $103 million. Thanks to his terrific form during the 2016 season, he was named again for the Pro Bowl. His ranking in the 2017 list of top NFL players was 38.

Fletcher Cox Public Records
2017 season

On 10th September 2017, Eagles played a match against Washington Redskins. He displayed his great skills in the match. He was obviously named for Pro Bowl for the 3rd time.

But he was not able to take part in Pro-Bowl because Eagles, his team, was inching towards the Super Bowl.

The team won the LII Super Bowl match against Patriots of New England This led to Cox getting his first ring of the Super Bowl. His ranking in the 2018 top NFL players was 69.

2018 season

In a winning match played against Washington Redskins during the 17th week, Cox recorded four numbers of loss tackles, three sacks, and a fumble forced. This got him the recognition of the Week's best defensive player of NFC.

2019 season

In the 7th week ow 2019 season, the team played a match against Cowboys of Dallas. In that match, Cox could record the season's first forced fumble and sack.

In the 8th week, there was another match with Buffalo Bills and in the match, he could record 1.5 sacks.

Awards Cox has Received

Cox has received the month's defensive player award for NFC for the month of September 2016. In 2019, he got the week's best defensive player in NFC.

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