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Graig Nettles Background Check, Graig Nettles Public Records

Graig Nettles Celebrity Life

Graig Nettles is a former American Baseball professional. He used to play as a third baseman. He was nicknamed "Puff" and was born on August 20th, 1944. He played in the MLB for22 seasons and featured for several teams like San Diego Padres, New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, the Minnesota Twins, Montreal Expos, and Atlanta Braves.

He is considered as one of the top defensive third basemen of the history. He might have had a low batting average over his career but he was a reliable contributor in offense and set a record in the American League for the total number of home runs struck by a third baseman.

He played a part in 4 Yankee teams that won the pennant. His best year was 1977 as he received the Gold Glove Award while also hitting a career-best 37 home runs and 107 RBIs when he guided the New York Yankees to success in the World Series versus the Los Angeles Dodgers.


The Minnesota Twins picked Nettles during the MLB drafts of 1965. He played his first game for the Twins in September 1967. He registered a .222batting average from 96 games for them in the year 1969.

The Cleveland Indians picked Nettles from the Twins in December 1969. He played for them through 3 seasons before moving to the New York Yankees.

Nettles was awarded the player of the month accolade of the American League for April of 1974 as he made a new record in the American League for total home runs within a month.

Graig Nettles Background Check
He was caught with a bat with six super balls within it. He told that he got it from a Yankees fan.

In September 1974, Nettles hit a home run while his brother also hit one, joining a club of seven other pairs of brothers to hit a home run while playing for opposite teams. He was picked as the third baseman in the All-Star Game of MLB in 1975.

Nettles played his best season in 1977, as he received the Gold Glove Awards for the first time. He hit 37 home runs and made 107 RBIs to help Yankees to the World Series victory against the Dodgers. He earned the Gold Glove again the following season to guide the Yankees to a World Series success.


During the 3rd Game in World Series of 1978 against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Nettles created many plays near the hot corner and stopped several hits. The performance helped the Yankees secure success in the series. The team won the following three matches and won the championship that year.

Nettles scored 267th home run which was the highest off all the third basemen in the American League.

After a fallout with the Yankees owner, he was traded to the San Diego Padres in return for a player and one PTBNL.

Graig Nettles Public Records
Nettles did not receive a contract after 1986 and he became a free agent. He signed for the Braves in 1987 season. He became a part of the Opening Day roster of 24 people. He signed for the Braves again in 1988. Afterward, Nettles switched to the Montreal Expos in March 1988.

Throughout his career, Nettles registered .248 batting average, 1314 RBIs, and 390 home runs from 2700 matches. His fielding percentage amounted to .964 which is very high for the 3rd base. He retired when he turned 43 and has coached the Padres and the Yankees since then.

Nettles authored a book, Balls, about his career in baseball, collaborating with Peter Golenbock. After the promotion of the book was released, he was traded to San Diego Padres.

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