Greg Olsen Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Greg Olsen Background Check, Greg Olsen Public Records

Greg Olsen Celebrity Life

Greg Olsen is an American born footballer player who plays tight end. He currently plays for Seattle Seahawks, a member team playing for the NFL.

Olsen was an athlete from young days and was an active college football player while studying at the University of Miami.

He was drafted in 2007 by the NFL member team Chicago Bulls. His college record proved very effective for his career as he was picked up in the NFL Draft of 2007.

Greg Olsen holds the record of a first-ever tight end position player in the history of the NF League who holds the record of three consecutive seasons covering 1000 yards.


Early Years of Greg Olsen

Greg Olsen was born and raised in the town of Wayne in New Jersey, United States, where he did his high school from the Wayne Hills.

Greg Olsen's father was Chris Olsen Sr. , who was also his physics teacher in the school and his initial tutelage for football and basketball was under the watchful eyes of his father.

Greg Olsen Background Check
While playing for his high school in the senior year, Olsen was selected as one of the three finalists of Gatorade sponsored player of the year.

Olsen was also inducted as the First-Team of All-American team by the USA Today as a high school senior in the year 2002.

He finished his high school football career with an impressive record of 73 reception for yards of 1,474 and also established a high school record of 27 touchdowns in a season. Olsen was also selected to be part of the US Army American Bowl in 2003.

Following his impressive run in high school football, also rated him as a highly coveted and 5-star rating as a young recruit.

 Professional Career

In the 2007 National Football League Draft, Olsen was picked in the first round draft as 31st pick by the member team Chicago Bears. His start with the Chicago Bears was not the most ideal one as he had to miss two of their initial games following a knee injury in the pre-season of 2007.

His first game with the Bears came on the 23rd of September against Dallas Cowboys. He had an average game with two pass catches against 28 yards.

His first-ever national league touchdown was against Green Bay Packers and he finished his first season with the Bears with two touchdowns and 39 reception and 391 yards.

Olsen's playing time saw an overall increase in the second season with the Bears. Olsen was made to start 7 out of the 16 games and made 54 reception for around 574 yards including five touchdowns. The popular Chicago Comcast network, SportsNet announced Olsen as the Bears Player of the Year for his second season.

Greg Olsen Public Records

His next season with the Bears, Olsen developed a beneficial rapport with the newly acquired player Jay Cutler, who got traded from Denver Broncos.

The rapport proved helpful for both as Olsen and Cutler together connected a total of 60 receptions for an average of 612 yards and added eight touchdowns together.

He was the leader for Bears and only finished behind fellow player Devine Hester for the most number of receiving yards.

Carolina Panthers

Olsen was transferred to Carolina Panthers in 2011 and carried forward his career with them. His first season saw him with 45 receptions along with 540 yards, which increased to 69-843 and 73-816 in seasons following that respectively. He also managed touchdowns of 5, 5, and 6 in those 3 seasons.

The years following saw bittersweet experience for Olsen as he survived few injuries but continued to give his best efforts for the team. In 2020, Olsen again signed a one-year extension deal with Panthers who a whopping $7 Million.

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