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Hank Aaron Celebrity Life

The guy who played 21 seasons of Milwaukee Brewers in the American League and who is popularly referred to as Hammer or Hammerin Hank is Hank Aaron. This Baseball right fielder is 85 years old at present and is one of the seasoned players to be awarded several MLB offensive records. The Sporting News has ranked Aaron fifth in its “100 greatest baseball players” list.



Hank Aaron was born on 5 February 1934. He belongs to Mobile, Alabama. He was born into a big family where he and his seven siblings were raised by his parents. Hank spent most of his childhood in Toulminville. The family was poor and Hank practiced baseball with sticks and bottle caps. He idolized Jackie Robinson. He went to Central High School for freshman and sophomore. He did not play baseball in school, rather he played outfield for the Mobile Black bears. Hank also was a member of Boy Scouts of America.

Early Games

His brother Tommie Aaron is also a baseball star and has played MLB besides Hank. The brothers together had a huge fan following. Hank played for Negro American League and also in Minor league baseball for a long time before he was inducted into Major League Baseball. It is notable that Aaron was the last Negro baseball player who climbed to MLB roaster. The Aaron Brothers hold the record for the maximum career home runs by siblings. They also hold the record for being the first siblings to appear on League Championships.

Background Check Hank Aaron

Career details

Hank played his first official game in 1951 for the Negro American League. Aaron scored 0.336 batting average with five home runs and the Braves purchased him from the Clowns in 1952. He was engaged with Eau Clarie Bears and under the guidance, Aaron played a decent game. 1954 marked the beginning of Aaron’s MLB career. He was in the prime of his career and played the World Series as well. He received his first of his Gold Glove awards during this period. He reached numerous milestones – eighth player to hit 500 home runs, etc. He broke Ruth’s record as he closed in on the 714 career home run.



In 1976 Hank was awarded the Spingarn Medal. In 1977 he received the American Academy of Achievements Gold Plate Award. In 2002, he threw the ceremonial first pitch at the MLB All-star game. In 2002, he was awarded the Lombardi Award of Excellence. In 2009, Aaron-Chasing the Dream statue was exhibited in the Hall of Fame which has been Hank’s best award in his entire life and career.


After Retirement, Hank worked with Braves. In 1982, he was inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame. He worked as a Senior Vice president to the Braves. In 1992, MLB created a Hank Aaron award in his appreciation. In 2002 Presidential Medal of Freedom was awarded. In 2010 He was conferred the title of Georgia Trustee by the Georgia Historical Society for his accomplishments. Aaron also wrote an Autobiography named “I Had a Hammer” and it was published in 1990. Aaron also is the owner of a chain of 30 restaurants around Atlanta.

Background Check Hank Aaron
Personal Life

Aaron married twice in his life. His first wife and he together have 5 children. In 1973 he married again and has one daughter out of the wedlock. Cleveland Browns and Hank Aaron were friends.

Net Worth

Baseball player, front office at the Braves, book author and then restaurant owner Hank Aaron holds a net worth of about 25 million USD. A baseball autographed by Hank is worth $100-$175.


In 2013, the media reported that there was a major burglary in Aaron’s home. 2 BMW and a lot of jewelry were stolen. The cars were retrieved later and this was a high profile burglary that Atlanta police department investigated in private.

With dedication and hard work, Hank Aaron became a national sensation.

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