Jason Peters Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Rannie A.

Jason Peters Background Check, Jason Peters Public Records

Jason Peters Celebrity Life

Jason Peters is an offensive left tackle who plays for the National Football League (NFL). Peters played with the Buffalo Bills from 2004 till 2008, and beginning 2009, he has played with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Peters has been ranked number 16 for his overall performance as an offensive tackle.


Personal Life

Jason Raynard Peters was born in Queen City, Texas on January 22, 1982. He was born to Bishop J. Peters and Teledeo Simington. Peters has three brothers—Jerry, Tim, and Will. Peters attended Queen City High School where he played both basketball and football.

Peters currently lives in New Jersey in Woolwich town. His net worth is estimated at $61 million. His favorite athlete is Aaron Rodgers and his favorite musician is Taylor Swift.

Jason Peters Background Check
Football Career in College

Following his high school graduation, Peters studied at The University of Arkansas where he played with the Arkansas Razorbacks. Peters initially signed up to play as the defensive tackle and spent his first year as reserve defensive.

The following season he played as a tight end where he scored four passes for 37 yards. Upon scoring four touchdowns and 21 catches for 218 yards, Peters received an All-SEC selection his junior year.

In his senior year of college, Peters registered 61 knockdown blows and 21 catches. Before the 2004 NFL Draft, Peters spent time working on his O-line drills in preparation as an offensive tackle.

He was undrafted initially and in April 2004, Buffalo Bills signed him as an undrafted free agent.


Professional Career

On November 12, 2004, Peters was signed on the active roster of the Buffalo Bills. He began practicing his offensive tackle techniques while at the same time, got noticed by his teammates for his blocking tight end skills and kickoffs.

Upon defeating Mike Williams for doing right tackle on the Bills, Peters was awarded a $15 million contract extension for five years.

Peters joined the AFC Pro-Bowl team as a left tackle in 2007. The same year, an injury prevented him from attending the Pro-Bowl game with the New York Giants.

Following the game, Peters was reportedly dissatisfied with his contract with the Buffalo Bills. He was fined $560,000 for missing training camp and all preseason games.

Peters returned to play in September 2008 and was chosen as the starting left tackle in Pro-Bowl and a Second-team All-Pro. However, his performance had deteriorated—he allowed two sacks in 2006 and six in 2007.

In total, he allowed 11 ½ sacks which led him to be tied with another player as the worst of NFL starting left tackles.

Jason Peters Public Records
In the 2009 NFL Draft, Peters was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles with whom he signed a six-year contract for $60 million.

He was chosen for the 2010 Pro Bowl and 2011 Pro Bowl as a starting left tackle and also made it to the 2010 second-team All-Pro selection. In 2014, Peters signed a five-year deal for $51.3 million with the Philadelphia Eagles.

During one of the 2014 games, Peters became involved in an argument with Washington Redskins player Chris Baker which resulted in both players getting sued for $10,000 each.

After extending his contract with the Eagles for one more year, in 2017, Peters had to leave their game against the Washington Redskins with a knee injury.

This was later diagnosed as injuries on his ACL and MCL which resulted in Peters ending his 2017 season. The same year, Peters won his first Super Bowl ring after the Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl LII against the Patriots.

Throughout his time playing for the NFL, Peters made a record by recovering a punt block for a touchdown while playing against the Cincinnati Bengals in season 2004.

In his first game of season 2005 against the Houston Texans, he caught a touchdown pass from J. P. Losman. In 2019, Peters signed up for a one-year contract to play with the Eagles. At present, he is being considered for recruitment by the LA Chargers.

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