Jason Witten Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Jason Witten Background Check, Jason Witten Public Records

Jason Witten Celebrity Life

This article deals with the details and information about Jason Witten. Additionally, it also includes his early life, awards and achievements, details of his personal life, and other related background information.

The Early Life of Jason Witten

Jason Witten was born on born May 6, 1982. His full name is Christopher Jason Witten. He was born in Elizabethton, Tennessee in the United States. Jason Witten attended the university in Tennessee.

Jason Witten is currently 37 years old. He was born to Kim and was raised by his grandfather.

Jason Witten's height is 1.98 m and his weight is 119-kilo grams. His grandfather Dave Rider was associated with football.

 Shawn and Ryan are the two brothers of Jason Witten. He started playing from his school time and made several records in football.

He gained recognition at an early age in the field of football. His skills were appreciated and he was even awarded Mr. Football for his tremendous performances.

Jason went through various ups and downs during his childhood especially related to his father who was an alcohol and drug addict. He performed exceptionally from the starting of his football career.

Jason Witten public records
Career in Football

Jason Witten started at an early age. Phillip Fulmer was his head coach during his early college career. He started playing at the defensive end and performed well throughout his college career.

After his junior year, he started to enter the NFL and started his professional career. He started playing football for Dallas Cowboys at the age of twenty years. He started playing as a rookie for the Dallas Cowboys.

During his entire career, he played majorly for the Dallas Cowboys from the year 2003 to 2017 and in the year 2019. Currently, Jason Witten is playing for Las Vegas Raiders. His overall rank is 71.

His position is Tight End. In the year 2018, the rumors surfaced that Jason Witten was going to announce his retirement from football but will continue to remain associated with football as an analyst.

The same was confirmed by Jason following the rumors.


Personal Life of Jason Witten

Jason Witten is married to Michelle and has four kids. Jason is currently residing in Dallas and his wife is a nurse.

Jason took retirement from professional football and is associated with ESPN.

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Awards and Achievements of Jason Witten

Jason Witten and his journey in professional football is an inspiration to the young football players. He received a number of awards for his excellent performances in the field of football.

He was awarded Pro Bowl for a total of 11 times in the year 2004 to 2010, 2012 to 2014 an in 2017. He was also awarded Best Starr award (in the year 2013) in football.

He was honored with Texas Hall of Fame for his outstanding performance in football. Jason Witten gained popularity with Walter Payton NFL Man of the year award in the year 2012.


Jason Witten is a successful football player of the National Football League popularly known as NFL. He gained fame at an early age.

He started playing football during his studies in college and then continued his game at the professional level. He is an excellent example of hard work coupled with skills in the field of football.

He played for two teams in his entire career. He gained fame and recognition by playing for Dallas Cowboys and signed up for Las Vegas Raiders only after his retirement.

Jason Witten's overall score is 90 and is admired largely in the field of football. His contribution to the world of football is remarkable.

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