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Jaylen Nowell Celebrity Life

Jaylen Nowell plays basketball professionally and he plays for the Iowa Wolves after assigning an agreement from the Minnesota Timberwolves under the NBA (National Basketball Association). In his college career, he played basketball for the Washington Huskies under the PAC-12 Conference.

In 2019, he won the award for player of the year given by the conference as an outstanding basketball player. The Timberwolves selected him in the 2nd round of the 2019 NBA draft.

 Personal Information

Presently, Jaylen Nowell resides in Seattle in Washington. His birthplace is also Seattle. His birth date is 9th July 1999. His nationality is American and ethnicity is African-American. Mike Nowell and Lanie Nowell are his parents.

Jaylen Nowell has one sibling named Shane Nowell. His religion is Christianity. His height is 6ft 4 inches or 1.93 m and his body weight is 201 lb or 91 kg. His body structure is advantageous for playing in the position of Shooting guard of basketball.

Jaylen Nowell Background Check
Career Information

Jaylen Nowell joined Garfield High in Seattle to start his high school career. He started to play basketball actively for the Team USA Basketball. He achieved the gold medal as the winner of the U16 Championship under the 2015 FIBA. He had a membership for the training camp of World Championship under 2016 USA U17.

He also won second-team honor under USA Today All-Washington. He let the team of Garfield High win the Championship of Class 3AKingCo. During the season, he was selected for Class 3A's first team of the AP All Washington, second team of the USA Today All-Western Washington, and also the second team of the Seattle Times All-Metro.

Jaylen Nowell played basketball as a freshman from 2017 to 2018. Their team ranked third according to UW’s freshman record by scoring 545 points. He started his freshman career with a score of 32 points. He also set a debut record of the UW freshman on 12-of-18 shooting including 5 rebounds.


Jaylen Nowell started to play basketball as a sophomore within the season of 2018 to 2019. He was drafted for playing basketball for the team Minnesota Timberwolves within the 2019 NBA draft on 20th July 22019. After that, the Timberwolves’s roster selected him for playing basketball under the Summer League of 2019 NBA. The Timberwolves declared on 6th August 2019 that they had signed an agreement with Jaylen Nowell for playing basketball.

Jaylen Nowell began his playing basketball overall 36 games within the season 2018 to 2019. He led the team by scoring 16.2 points including 5.3 rebounds and 3.1 assists.

He scored 19 points on 4-of-7 shooting when their team played against Utah State under the NCAA First Round. Nowell also led their team by scoring 17 points due to his scoring effort targeting 16th-straight double-digit when they played against Oregon.

Jaylen Nowell Public Records  
He also made record nearly a triple-double when their team played basketball against Eastern Washington. He scores eight points including 9 rebounds and a career-high 7 assists. He upgraded his 12th career by scoring 22 points when he made the target for scoring 20+ at the time of playing basketball against Minnesota.

He led their team by scoring 16 points when they played basketball at No.11 Auburn he also led their team by scoring 18 points when their team played against San Diego.

Background Check Information

Jaylen Nowell’s father, Mike Nowell played basketball for the Clerk Atlanta University and Lanie Nowell, Jaylen Nowell’s mother, also played basketball in the women’s basketball team of Atlanta University. He grew up in his childhood in a familiar environment for playing basketball.

Jaylen Nowell has scored 28 points with 9 rebounds in the G League of NBA by playing basketball against the Texas Legends.

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