Jeremy Hill Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Kelly G.

Jeremy Hill Background Check, Jeremy Hill Public Records

Jeremy Hill Celebrity Life

The National Football League is one of the most sought after professional levels of playing football in the United States of America. The players who are qualified for the NFL are real stars and have a great fanbase.

One such American footballer is Jeremy Hill. He is 27 years old at present and hails from Louisiana.

Jeremy was drafted for the NFL in the year 2014 and he is a free agent at present. With an overall ranking of 148 and an overall score of 86, Jeremy plays as a Running Back in the NFL matches and other league games.
Early Career

Jeremy was born in the year 1992. He belongs to the town of Baton Rouge. He studied at the Redemptorist High School.

Jeremy was a sensation during his school days as he played three different sports namely football, baseball, and track events. Jeremy earned an All-American running back in football.

In 2010 he finished his senior season at school. Jeremy has a record of whooping 302 carries and 36 touchdowns in school. He was ranked as 21 in Running back by and this opened his prospects in professional football.

Jeremy Hill Background Check

College Football

Jeremy enjoyed playing football and hence he joined the Louisiana State University in 2012 and played two seasons there. Though he was a freshman, he picked up the pace soon.

He played alongside Spencer Ware, Kenny Hillard, Alfred Blue, etc and he created a famous rushing attack. In his maiden game, he played 2 rushes for 8 yards in a match against Florida.

Similarly, he knocked 18 rushes against Texas followed by 29 smashing rushes for 107 yards against Alabama. Jeremy Hill had 142 rushes, 12 touchdowns for 755 yards in his freshman year itself.
Professional Football

Following the successful 2012 season, Jeremy played his sophomore year with even higher confidence. He played so well that he was the most valued player and He was selected for the first-team- All-Southeastern Conference.

Later during the NFL draft, the Cincinnati Bengals selected Hill in the 2014 second round. Initially, he was a backup player, and later he played his professional debut match in September 2014.
2015 also marked a successful year for Hills as he played for the Bengals in the Running back position. January 9, 2016, was a great match for Hill where he ran 50 yards on 12 carries against a wildcard game and he finished it with finesse.

He played 2016 and 2017 with the Cincinnati Bengals and in 2018 he signed a 1.5 million USD contract with the New England Patriots.

Though things went in his favor, after three months Hill had to exit the game due to an ACL knee injury.

Though he recovered fast he was kept in the injury reserve for the rest of the matches in the season. Jeremy has won several accolades such as NFL rushing touchdown leader PFWA all-rookie Team etc.

Jeremy Hill Public Records  

Personal Life

Jeremy Hill has acknowledged his mother’s support in his career success. He mentioned that his mother did not think twice before moving to Cincinnati for her son’s dream career in football.

Along with his mother, he attributes his success to his family consisting of his dad and siblings. There are media speculations that Jeremy has a kid but there is no substantial proof for the same.


Playing over five seasons of NFL games, Jeremy Hill has a net worth of about $4.7 million USD. He attributes his earnings to American Football games. His contract with Patriots was about $150,00 USD and he received a roster bonus of $300,000.


There have been a couple of cases against Jeremy Hill. In the years 2012 and 2013, he has pleaded guilty against charges filed on him for sexual assault and hitting a youth respectively. Jeremy also had a battery charge against him.

Though the social life of Jeremy has always been under the radar of the press and media, his game has been appreciable and hence he has numerous fans.

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