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Jimmy Smith Celebrity Life


Jimmy Smith was born on July 26th, 1988, and is a Cornerback in the National Football League. He is currently playing for the Baltimore Ravens and was drafted by them in the 2011 NFL Draft. During his college years, he played for the University of Colorado.

Born and raised in Fontana, California Jimmy grew up in the Colton neighborhood which was just 60 miles away from Los Angeles. He has commented that he lived in a rough neighborhood where gang violence was very common.

He was successful in avoiding these aspects of society and was able to hone his football skills from an early age.
Early Years

Colton High School is where Jimmy graduated from and he was a three-year letterman there. During his tenure there he had 45 tackles and 4 interceptions in the very first season that he played for the school.

During his junior year for 600 yards, he got 30 catches and at the cornerback position, he had 57 tackles, eight broken passes, and a recovered fumble.

Jimmy Smith Background Check

In his final year, he played both as a wide receiver and a cornerback. That year he was named as the most improved player and had 14 touchdowns in his offensive career and 15 pass deflections too.

His talents were not just limited to football and he occasionally took part in track and basketball events too.

College Years

He was part of Dan Hawkins’s class of 2006 and like Nate Solder was one middle of the group recruited for the California state. In 2007 Smith proved his mettle in the game against Nebraska in which he ran 31 yards for a touchdown. They later won the game by 65-51.

He played over 10 games for California University in his first year and solidified his position by scoring a touchdown against Nebraska again.

In his last two years in college, Smith gained respect and admiration of many as he had recorded 70 tackles and 15 passes. During this time he was also nominated for the Thorpe Award and won the Dave Jones award.

Professional Years

He attended the NFL Scouting Combine where he was tried and tested with different drills. He finished 6th amongst the defensive backs. In 2011 he went to a pro day with Nate Solder and Jalil Brown to the Colorado team.

Scouts were not impressed by his skills as he dropped a few catches and appeared to get tired easily during the workout.

Jimmy Smith Public Records  

Although his NFL Combine didn’t go according to plan he was still slated to be picked up in the first round of the NFL Draft itself. It has been suggested that a few teams had completely disregarded him as a prospect because of his history of lawful arrests, maturity issues, and failed drug tests.

Many reps also said that he failed to take responsibility for his own and could not come to terms with the consequences of his actions. Espn Analysts ranked him as the 4th best cornerback in their statements.

He was offered a four-year contract with the Baltimore Ravens for $7.46 million which included a signing bonus of $3.92 million. In 2013 he was promoted to the post of starting cornerback and recorded his solo tackles in the first game that he played as the starting cornerback.

In 2015 Baltimore Ravens offered SMith a 4-year contract which amounted to 41 million dollars and a signing bonus of worth $13million.

In 2018 Smith was suspended due to bad conduct for violating NFL’s policies and had to sit out for 4 games. In 2020 the Baltimore Ravens signed him again

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