J.J. Watt Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Kelly G.

J.J. Watt Background Check, J.J. Watt Public Records

J.J. Watt Celebrity Life

Work hard to fulfill your dreams-this has always been JJ Watt’s ideology since his childhood years.

Boys love football and Watt is no exception but with continuous hard work and support from his family and friends, he made a big mark for himself in NFL just from being a simple backyard football player.

Early Life

Justin James Watt was born in Wisconsin in the year 1989 carrying the middle name of his paternal grandfather who was a big influence in his life.

Surprisingly, JJ started playing hockey at a tender age of 3 but destiny had other plans for this young man.

Just like some magnetic force, he began to develop an interest in the game of football when he was around 13 years old.
Besides hockey and football Watt also played other games including basketball and baseball even winning a state-level title for shot put in 2007.

His dad was the strongest pillar of support not just for him but for his other siblings too. They were given golden worlds of wisdom every day in life which motivated JJ Watt to become who he is today-a No. 1 football player in the world.

J.J. Watt Background Check


During his early years of play at Wisconsin, JJ Watt earned several titles for himself by playing quality football training under coach Butch Jones.

He played in the defensive position and during his last years at college, he was named to the ‘All-American’ and ‘All-Big Ten’ first-team.

With big dreams and aspirations, JJ Watt skipped playing football at Wisconsin and joined the ‘NFL Draft’ achieving top performance in every single category except the 40-yard dash which ultimately landed him a contract with the ‘Houston Texas’ in 2011.

JJ Watt played with burning passion and this helped ‘Texans’ make it to the playoff for the first time in the history of the franchise.

In the year 2012, Watt was named the team’s ‘MVP’ and ‘AP Defensive Player of the Year’ with astounding statistics in the game of football.

One shouldn’t miss mentioning here that though 2013 was as good as his previous years fetching him opportunities to participate in ‘NFL Pro Bowl’ and being promoted as a captain, his team lost the season.

Hard work never disappoints and JJ Watt proved this by signing a six-year contract with the ‘Texans’ for a huge sum of $100 million making him the top-paid non-quarterback of NFL.

During the successive years, he repeatedly gained awards and titles such as ‘Defensive Player of the Year’ and many others establishing his strong forte in the football game.

But 2016 was disappointing as JJ Watt refrained from taking part in the ‘ProBowl’ due to injury. Recovering back, he was a part of the ‘Jacksonville Jaguars’ in 2017 only to suffer another leg injury and calling it quits that year.

It’s his continuous hard work and performance which helped him secure a position for himself with ‘Houston Texas’ from the year 2011 until now and that’s commendable. His position was 3-4 DE and ranked No.1 in 2015 with an overall score of 98.
J.J. Watt Public Records  


JJ Watt received more awards than one could keep imagining. He is the proud owner of the ‘Pro Bowl’ and a part of the ‘All-Pro’ first-team four 4 times.

He received the ‘Bert Bell Award’ in 2014, garnered the titles ‘Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year’ and ‘Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year’ in 2017.

He ranked No.1 in the Top 100 Players of 2015 and has the most number of career sacks in the Houston Texans records. Believe me, these are only the major awards received and there are many others!

Personal Life

Besides football, Watt had also acted in a couple of movies and TV series becoming even more famous to the world.

He constantly donates for charity and is the founder of the Justin J. Watt Foundation motivating young kids to value sports, dream big, and make it bigger in life.

He was in a relationship with Kealia Ohai, a soccer player, for a couple of years before tying the knot in 2020.

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