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Joe Montana Celebrity Life

Joe or Joseph Clifford Montana started his football career as a starting quarterback in 1979. He was born in Pennsylvania, United States and played in NFL (National Football League) for about 16 seasons with the San Francisco 49ers team. Joe Montana was famous for his passing speed and rapid touchdowns, which led his team to win major Super Bowl titles several times.
Early Years

Not merely team titles, he had several accolades to his name like winning the Most Valuable Player three times in a row and helping finish his team - San Francisco 49ers put up graceful totals against contending teams. Since the age of 8 years, Joe Montana started playing football following his passion for the game.

He took a keen interest in other sports also like baseball and basketball. He completed his high schooling from Ringgold High School while attended the Notre Dame for graduation. Joe Montana belonged to Italian-American ethnicity and completed his graduation in business administration and marketing.

Joe Montana Background Check

Play and Skills

Joe Montana was famous for his exceptional passing yards and touchdown passes, which enabled the four super bowl wins for San Francisco 49ers during 1982, 85, 89 and 90. Playing as a back up to another teammate, Joe started his football career as a low key player and gradually rose to fame. In the 1980 season of Super Bowl, he was recognized for 1795 yards passes and 15 touchdown passes while in the Super Bowl XVI edition, Montana completed all 14 passes and helped San Francisco 49ers to win the game facing Cincinnati Bengals with 26-21 score.

He kept going strong in the upcoming seasons also. He was solely responsible for 49ers victory while playing against the Washington Redskins during the NFC Championship, wherein he piled on several crucial touchdown passes and helped his team finish the game at a graceful 24-21 score against the Redskins.
He became NFL’s Most Valuable Players in 1989 and 1990 Super Bowl seasons. Following an injury, which kept Joe Montana out of action for a while, he made a comeback and later played for Kansas City Chiefs. He decided retirement in 1995 with 31 fourth-quarter victory and 10 play-offs.

There was significant media coverage around Joe Montana’s achievements as a professional American football player. The renowned Sports Illustrated named him Sportsman of the Year while AP (Associated Press) recognized Montana as NFL’s Most Valuable Player of all times. In addition to that, Joe Montana won several noteworthy awards. He won the Comeback Player of the Year Award, as well in 1986.

Joe Montana Public Records  
Joe Montana also secured the highest passing rating (over 100.0) by NFL, plus entered Pro Football Hall of Fame in the year 2000 easily. Joe Montana was nicknamed Joe Cool for being able to stay calm during pressure and focus on his game. He was well known for his consistency and pulling his team – San Francisco 49ers out of tense situations, not one but several times during his tenure.

Joe Montana’s retirement was live telecasted locally around a huge gathering in Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco. His contribution to a professional football game was visible. Getting selected for Pro Bowls and All-Pros further his list of achievements while he secured the fourth position in NFL Network’s Top 100 NFL’s Greatest Players.

In personal life, Montana was quite fond of food and wine and owned his own vineyard in Northern California. By personality, Joe had a calm and collected persona. He had four children named Alexandra, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, and Nicholas. Like Joe Montana, his sons also joined footballs in their high school years.

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