Joel McCrea Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Laurein A.

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Joel McCrea Celebrity Life

Joel McCrea was born on November 5th, 1905 in California in the USA. He died in 1990, in Los Angeles, California, USA

He was one of the biggest Hollywood actors in the USA. He was educated at the Pomona College and worked at the Pasadena Community Playhouse stage.

He did some stunt work and also some extra work at the University of Southern California in 1928. He was a part of The Jazz Age. He signed a contract at MGM and a better one at RKO.


Will Rogers became fond of Joel and helped him build a career. He was extremely good looking and quiet in nature. He was extremely famous as a leading man. He was extremely popular as a leading man in romantic movies, drama, and comedies. It took him several years to make a mark in Hollywood. He did several movies with Preston Sturges.

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Career as Actor

By the time, he was Forty, he focused more on Western movies, and after that made few non Westerns. He acted in the movie Ride the High Country in 1962 by Sam Peckinpah. His career is very similar to McCrea. He got married to actress Frances Dee, for fifty-seven years, who is still alive.

He was inducted into the Western Heritage Museum in 1969 and the Hall of Great Western Performers of the National Cowboy.

The highlight of his career was in the movie, Sullivan Travels, his pair opposite to his leading lady, Veronica Lake, who was 16 inches shorter than him. Lake had to stand on an elevated box so that their heads could be seen parallel to each other.


He went to school with director Jacques Tourneur who later directed him in the movie Stars in My Crown in 1950. This movie was also McCrea’s personal favorite movie. He also directed McCrea in the movies Horseback in 1955 and Wichita in 1955.

He was very modest about his acting abilities and was very casual about it. Apart from Jody McCrea, he has two more sons with Frances Dee: Peter and David. Joel and his wife were very good friends with Katharine Hepburn. Hepburn also said that McCrea was one of the best artists that she worked with.

In the year 1930, he resided with his parents at Rocking ham Avenue, Los Angeles. In 1920, he lived with his family at Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, USA. His father was Thomas P McCrea and also secretary at the Los Angeles electric and Gas Company. His mom was Lou Whipple McCrea and was a professional Christian Science practitioner.

Joel McCrea Public Records
He was the grandchild of a western stagecoach driver, who fought against the Apaches. He raised horses and was passionate about adventure and invested very wisely in stocks and land.

He was a Boy Scout and a conservative Republican. He was given the award star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame for the movies Radio at 6241 Hollywood Blvd and Motion Pictures at 1719 Vine St. He went to school with Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Katherine DeMille.

He passed away on the day of his 57th wedding anniversary. He rejected roles in the movies The Postman Always Rings Twice in 1946, Spitfire in 1934 with Katharine Hepburn, The Story of Will Rogers in 1952, Intruder in the Dust in 1949 and The Impatient Years in 1944. These were some of the good offers which he rejected.

Joel admitted that he earned much more in real estate than in movies. His popular Oscar nomination includes Foreign Correspondent in 1940, Dead End in 1937 and The More the Merrier in 1943.

Thus, Joel McCrea was one of the most sought after Hollywood actors. He acted in some of the most popular films.

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