Johnathan Hankins Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Kelly G.

Johnathan Hankins Background Check, Johnathan Hankins Public Records

Johnathan Hankins Celebrity Life

Johnathan Hankins, one of the popular and OG football players, continues to have an incredible career. He started off by playing with the New York Giants in 2013 for six years and went on to play for Indianapolis Colts in 2017, now he plays for the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders.

Johnathan was drafted after he played for his college football team at Ohio State University. His early life and rise to fame is an interesting story.
Johnathan Hankin’s Early Life

Johnathan was born in Dearborn Heights, Michigan on the 29th of March, 1992 to Louise and James Ward.

Not much has been said about the rest of his family, however, his passion and love for football were clear since his Freshman year in High School.

In Johnathan’s sophomore year of high school, Southeastern High school was the school he transferred to, where he started playing on the defensive line.

It was in high school where he met William Gholston, fellow NFL draft candidate, who had coincidentally moved to Southeastern High.

He has been rated as a five-star prospect by recruits as he patrolled the edge of the defense line along with Johnathan who was rated a three-star recruit, defending on the inside.

This created a star quality defense line in Detroit, which gave them a lot of exposure early on.

Johnathan Hankins Background Check

As a senior, Johnathan led his team to an 11-1 record and division championship after posting 85 tackles and 12 sacks in the season.

He was also a member of the drama club in high school as well as a shot putter in the field and track team.

Johnathan Hankins was regarded as the 20th candidate from the state of Michigan in 2010. He won immediate playing time as a true freshman in 2010 and by 2011 was locked in as a full-time starter.

He received acceptance letters from Michigan, Wisconsin, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Florida, but went ahead and picked Ohio State for college.

In college, Johnathan studied criminology and played football for the majority of his time. He was 350-355 lbs when he started off as a Freshman. From 2010 to 2012, he was a star player of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team.

As a junior in 2013, Johnathan started every game for the Buckeyes and was named All-American Second Team and was an All-Big Ten Conference selection.
Johnathan Hankin’s Professional Career

He was in his junior year of college when he got ready for the preseason drafts in 2012 and was getting ready to leave Ohio State early and let his final year go.

In the 2013 NFL draft, he was listed as a mid-first rounder. He then leveled up to the top-10 spot and was signed by the New York Giants in the second round.

Johnathan Hankins Public Records  

New York Giants

He spent his first four seasons with the New York Giants and set a career-high with 51 tackles and 7 sacks in 2014.

Indianapolis Colts

He began 15 games, including 44 tackles and 2 sacks after he was signed by the Indianapolis Colts for a 3-year contract and $30 million contract. He didn't finish the contract and was removed by the Indianapolis colts

Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders

He was signed by the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders in 2018 as a defensive Lineman in his seventh season in the League.

Since then, he has extended his contract with the Raiders for two more years after starting 14 games out of 15 along with 2 fumble recoveries and 36 tackles

Johnathan’s Awards

At Ohio State, Johnathan as a sophomore was given the team's Jack Stephenson Award winner as the club's outstanding defensive lineman. He even received All American Honours by scouts.

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