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Josh Richardson Celebrity Life

Born on.15th September 1993, Joshua Michael Richardson is a professional basketball player in the United States of America. At present, he plays for the National Basketball League's Philadelphia 76ers.

Richardson played basketball at the college level for the team Tennessee Volunteers and earned the honors of 1st-team all-conference in the SEC or Southeastern Conference in 2015 as a senior. The Miami Heat selected the player in the 2nd round of the NBA draft of 2015.


Basketball career in the high school

The player had an average of 6.2 rebounds, 3.6 assists, and 16.5 points in the senior year as a point guard when he studies at Oklahoma's Santa Fe High School. His name was included in the "Large West" All-State Team of the Oklahoma Coaches Association that year, as well as, the Super 5 1st team of Oklahoma.

Josh Richardson Background Check

Basketball career in college

He participated in all the four playing seasons after enrolling at the University of Tennessee. Richardson completed 3rd in his career ranking in the history of the games he played. While in his junior year with the Volunteers, Richardson had an average of 2.8 rebounds and 10.2 points per game. His name was included in the SEC All-Defensive Team, the Defensive All-American Team, and the 1st Team All-SEC.

Professional basketball career

Richardson has played for the NBA franchise Miami Heat from 2015 to 2019.

2015 to 2016

Rhe Miami a Heat chose Richardson in the NBA draft of 2015 as the 40th overall pick, He signed a contract with the Heat on 3rd August 2015 after having an average of 2.8 rebounds and 11.8 points in 10 games played at the summer league. However, Richardson could not play in the initial four games in that season for the Hears and made his debut at the NBA on 5th November when his team played against the franchise Minnesota Timberwolves.

He played barely for 7 minutes in that game. He played his 3rd game on 12th November the same year in the position of the shooting guard in the absence of Dwayne Wade. He had a career-high score of 22 points on 11th March when his team defeated the Chicago Bulls.

2016 to 2017

Richardson joined the Heat once again in 2016 for the NBA Simmer League of 2016. However, he succumbed to a knee injury on 9th September 2016 that kept him out of action for. About 6 to 8 weeks. He had a career-high tie of 22 points on 27th December although his team lost to the team Oklahoma City Thunder.

2017 to 2018

He signed a deal extension for 4 years on 18th September worth 42.million USD with the Miami Heat. On 1st December 2017, Richardson made a fresh career-high score with 28 points when his team defeated the Los Angeles Clippers.

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2018 to 2019

He made a career-high score of 28 points on 18th December 2018 when his team wins the match against the Washington Wizards. On 3rd November, Richardson had a fresh career-high performance with 32 points although his team lost against the Atlanta Hawks. His average per game was 4.1 assists and 16.6 points, which was the highest in his career at the NBA.

Philadelphia 76ers from 2019 to present

Richardson was traded by Miami to the franchise Philadelphia 76ers on 6th July 2019 for Jimmy Butler. He made a score of 14 points on 12th December when his team won against the Boston Celtics.

Personal details

His father was a firefighter in Oklahoma City while his mother used to be a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force Reserve of the United States. Richarson loves playing classical piano and has a degree in Psychology.

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