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Junior Galette Celebrity Life

Early Life and Biography

Born in 1989, in Haiti, at Port au Prince, Junior Jovais Galette is a professional American footballer, who plays in the position of an outside linebacker - defense.

He is currently a free agent but has played for the Saints, a national team from New Orleans under the helm of the NFL of America. He has been a free agent since the year, 2010.

Galette came from an underprivileged background. The family moved from the Caribbean to the United States of America when Galette was a baby.
The family wanted a better life for themselves and their children. With hard work and a lot of savings, the Galette family eventually managed to move to the state of New York, settling down in Spring Valley, living in the projects.

Though this was not the American dream, it was a better life than Galette had had in his native Haiti.

As a child, he wanted to play football and basketball with the neighborhood children, but they wouldn't play with him as he couldn't speak in English at that time.

Junior Galette Background Check

He overcame that huge drawback by watching Barney and Sesame Street on television and read with self-taught books. Galette has two older brothers.

He has two sons. In 2017, he faced some trouble with the law and he was arrested in Biloxi, in Mississippi.

He was brought in on charges of disorderly conduct and refusal to abide by law enforcement procedure after he got into a scuffle. He was apparently involved in the assault of a man. He ran from the police. He was released on a $500 bond.

High School and College

Galette attended a high school in New Jersey and graduated from there in 2006. He adored football in high school and always wanted to play the game as a career option.

His choice of college was Temple in Philadelphia, where he played football from 2006 to 2008. He achieved notable mentions and honors in the local press as well as a special feature on his achievements as a linebacker.
For the next two seasons, he played in the defense position. In his senior year, he was suspended from Temple. He was living with his cousin, in off-campus housing, and his cousin was caught with a stash of stolen merchandise.

Galette's character came into question as he was living with his relative, but was actually innocent of any crime.

He was forced to transfer to Stillman in Alabama, where he spent his final year of college. He showed promise at Temple with a total of 139 tackles with 80 of them solo.
Professional Football

In the year 2010 draft of the NFL, Galette was not picked to play on any team. He signed with the Saints of New Orleans as a free agent.

Before the season began, he became a hit with audiences as he had infectious energy during play. In the preseason, Galette performed well, blocking punts and making a couple of sacks. 

Junior Galette Public Records  
As a result, the Saints chose him to be on their regular roster. Galette signed on with the team in 2013, for a period of three years, worth $9 million.

In that season, Galette started all games and earned 12 sacks for the team - this was an all-time high for the Saints.

In 2014, impressed with Galette's skill, the Saints extended his contract for four years and paid a staggering $41.5 million. He was chosen as captain of the defensive team by his fellow team members, playing all of the 16 games that season.

In 2015, he was released from the team of the Saints. This was the result of a video that was released, showing Galette on a beach, fighting, and swinging a belt at people.

In 2015, he signed on with the Redskins, a Washington team, for a period of a year.

Nonetheless, as he had injured his Achilles tendon while practicing, he couldn't play and was placed as a reserve player.

Later, he was suspended once more as it was brought to light that he had been charged on a domestic violence charge in January of 2015.

Allegedly, he had attacked a woman that he was in a relationship with when she informed him that she wanted to leave him.

In 2016 and 2017, Galette signed two new contracts with the Redskins, respectively. Currently, Galette is a free agent, waiting to play on a team for the NFL once more.

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