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 Justin Verlander Celebrity Life

Justin Verlander, born on February 20, 1983, in Manakin-Sabot, Virginia, United States, is a right-handed pitcher for the Houston Astros of Major League Baseball.

From 2005 to 2017, Verlander played for the Detroit Tigers. Designated best rookie in the American League in his first full season in 2006, he received the Cy Young trophy for the best pitcher and the player of the year prize of the American League in 2011.

Invited six times to the All-Star Game ( 2007, 2009 - 2013 ), he launched two games without points or hits (2007 and 2011). Along with Houston, he was named player of the 2017 American League 1 Championship Series.



A student at Old Dominion University in Richmond (Virginia) from 2002, Justin Verlander was named the best rookie of the year in the Colonial Athletic Association (1.90 average earned points). He was selected for the United States team for the Pan American Games in the summer of 2003. He was also elected athlete of the year from his university.

Detroit Tigers

Justin Verlander was drafted on June 7, 2004, by the Detroit Tigers in the first round.

2005 Season

Justin Verlander started with the Major League on July 4, 2005. His two starts for the Detroit Tigers during the season ended in defeat and he spent most of the year in the minor leagues.

Justin Verlander Background Check
2006 Season

Verlander made a remarkable debut in 2006 with the Tigers. He won 17 decisions against nine losses and had an average of 3.63 earned points. Named best rookie in the American League in 2006, he finished 7th in the vote for Trophy Cy Young and 15th for the title of the best player of the season.

The Tigers made the playoffs in 2006 and their run ended in the World Series against the Saint-Louis Cardinals. In the final against the Cards, Verlander was the starting pitcher for two games; these were two losses and he awarded 10 points to the Cards in 11 innings on the mound.

2007 Season

Verlander had a point and hit-less game on June 12, 2007, against the Milwaukee Brewers. This was the 6th no-hitter in the history of Tigers. A month later, he was honored with his first selection at the All-Star Game. At the end of the season, Verlander finished 5th in the vote for the Cy Young Trophy.


Justin Verlander in 2008.

Like the mediocre season of the Tigers in 2008, Verlander recorded 17 defeats for only 11 victories.

2009 Season

With 19 wins, 269 strikeouts and an average earned point of 3.45, Verlander was one of the best pitchers of 2009. He was first in the majors for wins, strikeouts and the number of hits launched. It also displayed, among the American League pitchers, the highest average of strikeouts (10.1) for every nine innings launched. Only Tim Lincecum of the Giants of the National League did slightly better than him in this regard.

In addition to being honored his second selection to the star party, Verlander received a first-place vote for the Cy Young Award, finishing just behind the winner Zack Greinke and Felix Hernandez.

2010 Season

Verlander was fourth for wins (18 against nine losses) and fourth for strikeouts (219) in the American League in 2010. He was considered for the Cy Young Award but got 11th place in the voting.

2011 Season

On May 7, 2011, at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Verlander had the second game without points or hits in his career in a 9-0 Tigers victory over the Blue Jays. With six wins, no losses, an average of 0.92 earned points and 54 strikeouts in 49 innings pitched in one month, he was named Pitcher of the Month in June 2011 in the American League. He received the same honor in May 2009.

He was invited to his fourth All-star game in July, an honor he received for the third time in three years. He finished the 2011 season with 24 wins against just five losses, a peak in major baseball. He is the pitcher who won the most victories in a season since the 24 of Randy Johnson of the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2002 and the one who won the most games in the American League since Bob Welch, winner of 27 decisions for the A's to 'Oakland in 1990.

Verlander was unanimously voted the best pitcher of the year in the American League and won the Cy Young trophy. He also received the award for player of the season by the American League.

Justin Verlander Public Records
2012 Season

On May 18, 2012, in Detroit against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Verlander narrowly missed a third game without point or hit in a career. With just two withdrawals in the ninth inning, he gives Josh Harrison of the Pirates a first hit. Verlander was selected as the American Pitcher at the 2012 Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Kansas City on July 10. He was named the best pitcher of the month in September in the American League.

In 2012, the right-hander led major baseball for strikeouts (239), full games (6) and innings pitched (238.1). He won 17 wins against 8 defeats in 33 starts and managed a shutout. His 2.64 earned average is the third-best in baseball after those of Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers and David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays.

2013 Season

Justin Verlander in 2013.

On March 29, 2013, Verlander becomes the highest-paid pitcher in baseball history when he accepted a five-year, $180-million contract extension from the Tigers, which ties him to the club until 2019 with an option for the 2020 season. Verlander was unable to repeat his successes of the previous two years in 2013, while his teammate Max Scherzer established himself as the Tigers' best starter during the season and Aníbal Sánchez led the American League for the deserved points average.

2015 Season

On August 26, 2015, Verlander kicked off a game against the Los Angeles Angels. He missed his chance to succeed in his 3rd game without a hit against him when Chris Iannetta started the 9th inning with a double.

Personal Life

Since December 2013, Justin had been in a relationship with actress and model Kate Upton. On November 4, 2017, the couple married in Montalcino in Italy after four years of live-in relationship.

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