Kam Chancellor Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Kam Chancellor Background Check, Kam Chancellor Public Records

Kam Chancellor Celebrity Life

Kam Chancellor is a Seattle Seahawk’s No. 31 football player, placed in the strong safety position.

He was born on 3rd April 1988 in Virginia and attended the Matthew Fontaine Maury High School, where he played both basketball and football in safety and quarterback positions.

With 1.91m height and a strong and heavy physique, Kam Chancellor has been an ideal gridiron football player, who kicked off his first season in the NFL 2010 draft with the Seattle Seahawks.


Personal Life

Kam Chancellor was raised by his mother Karen Lambert, along with his four other siblings. His mother ensured that Kam received proper education and remained focused on his career and personal interests.

While attending high school, Chancellor directed his energies towards football and aspired to become a successful football player. He played in various teams and reached the senior level by 2005.

Kam Chancellor’s performance was noted as he scored 2000 passing yards, 500 rushing yard while being named as the Most Valuable Player.

Kam Chancellor Background Check
He opted to study human development and joined Virginia Tech in 2006. As a young gridiron football player enthusiast, Kam Chancellor started playing for Virginia Tech Hokies football as a quarterback.

In different positions of quarterback, cornerback, and rover, Chancellor played in the 2007 and 2008 seasons at the college football level.

NFL Career

Commencing the 2010 NFL draft, Kam Chancellor’s seven-year-long journey with Seattle Seahawks kick-started. He was announced as a strong safety in the third-round selection with the team and was signed on a four-year contract with them.

In his professional season debut, Kam played against the San Francisco 49ers and contributed to the team’s victory. Kam Chancellor finished his rookie season with 23 combined tackles, 1 pass deflection, and 1 sack.


In the 2011 season, he recorded the second-highest in tackles and interceptions and pulled up a staggering performance. Following which he was added to the 2012 Super Bowl as a replacement to another player.

The year 2012 also proved pivotal for Chancellor’s career as he wrapped up the third season with several career-soaring records. He scored 101 combined tackles, and 4 pass deflections in 16 games.

Kam Chancellor marked for his career first playoff game against New Orleans Saints in 2014, while Seahawks qualified for Super Bowl XLVII edition with a massive victory.

Kam Chancellor Public Records  
The 2014 NFL season also brought immense success for Chancellor as he was selected as team captain with a noteworthy high score of 11 combined tackles and game victory against Green Bay Packers.

In 2016, Chancellor was recognized for his contribution to team victories and was titled as the defensive captain for the second time.

And, in the following season, he signed a three-year contract with Seattle Seahawks for worth $36, 000 million in August 2017.

Unfortunately, soon after, Kam Chancellor suffered a serious neck injury, which forced him to go for rest.

Till the year 2019, Kam Chancellor remained out of the field as his injury was taking time to heal, while he continued to be at the practice games of Seattle Seahawks.

Reportedly, Seahawks have canceled their contract with Kam Chancellor, following ambiguity over his recovery from the neck injury he suffered during 2017.


Kam Chancellor was ranked by his teammates at the 32nd position in the NFL Top 100 Players in 2016. For his performance in the 2015 season, Kam Chancellor was named in the trip to the 2016 Pro Bowl.

He won the NFC Defensive Player of the Week title in 2014 while playing against Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII edition. Also, in the same year, he was voted in the Second-team All-Pro by AP (Associated Press).

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