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Magic Johnson Celebrity Life

Earvin Johnson Jr. also known as Magic Johnson was born on the 14th of August, 1959. He is a retired American basketball player who played the role of point guard throughout his thirteen-season long career in the sport. Magic Johnson is also associated with the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA) as their former president of basketball operations.

Magic Johnson was born in Lansing, Michigan. His father Earvin Sr. was the son of the owner of General Motors while his mother Christine was a school janitor.

In total, Magic Johnson had six siblings and was influenced greatly by his parent’s work ethic. From a very young age, Magic Johnson was in love with basketball. He used to idolize Bill Russell, Earn Monroe, and Marques Haynes. Johnson used to play basketball all day and practice whenever he could.

Coming from an athletic family, where both his mom and dad used to play basketball during their youth, he got his sports talent.
Magic and His NBA Career

At the age of 15 when Johnson was a sophomore at Everett High School, he was dubbed the name “Magic” as he recorded triple-double 36 pointers, 16 assists, and18 rebounds. Due to his basketball career in high school, he was recruited by many top-ranked colleges but he ultimately decided to enroll in Michigan State college.

Magic Johnson Background Check

In the year 1979, Magic Johnson was drafted as a rookie member for the Los Angeles Lakers. He made his mark in the 1980 NBA Finals when his playing method helped The Lakers win the game. He scored a total of 42 points, 3 steals, 7 assists, and 15 rebounds in the game.

In this game, Magic Johnson became the first rookie member of a basketball team to win the NBA Finals MVP award. He is also one of the first four players to win the NCAA and the NBA championships award in consecutive years.

After his rookie debut into the NBA, between the years 1981-1982, Magic Johnson helped the Lakers get into the finals. That year as well, the Lakers defeated Philadelphia for the championship title for the second time. This year again, Johnson won the MVP award given by the NBA.

The Boston Celtics and the Lakers were two teams that had several encounter matches lined up for them, making them top rivals for one another. In the year 1987 when the Lakers were up against the Boston Celtics, Johnson and his basketball defeated them in the finals. His outstanding performance in the finale earned Johnson the award for MVP for the third and final time in his career.
Johnson's Fight with his Disease

In November 1991, during a regular physical checkup, Johnson was tested to be HIV positive. HIV is the main virus that is
responsible for causing AIDS. In a conference that was held on the 7th of November 1991, Johnson stated that he would retire from the basketball career.

He also stated that his wife and unborn child did not have the same disease that he did and that he would dedicate his life to fighting against the disease that he has. Due to Johnson being open with his disease, many articles in the United States deemed Johnson to be a hero.

Magic Johnson Public Records  
The President, George H. W. Bush also commented that Magic Johnson is a hero “for anyone who loves sports”. His disease helped him to help HIV-positive people in the US and other parts of the world.
The US basketball team of the Barcelona 1992 Summer Olympics was dubbed as the “Dream Team” as it starred some of the best NBA stars of the roster.

Magic Jorden was also recruited to join this team. The team had other famous NBA players including Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Charles Barkley.

The American “Dream Team” won 8-0 at the Olympics and brought back the gold for their nation. During the Olympics, Magic Johnson had a record of scoring an average of 8 points per game and he had an average of 5.5 assists as well. Johnson received a standing ovation for his contribution to winning the Olympics and used every opportunity to inspire people about HIV.

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