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by Sheila A.

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Marcus Smart Celebrity Life

Marcus Smart’s full name is Marcus Osmond Smart and he was born in Lancaster, Texas on the 6th of March 1994. He is a part of the NBA where he is a part of the Boston Celtics (2014-present).

High school career

Smart finished his high school education at Edward S. Marcus High School. Phillip Forte who played with him in Oklahoma State also studied in this school. Smart points per game average during his senior year was 15.1 while his assists per game averaged 5 and his rebounds per game averaged 9.2. For three seasons his record was 115-6. The 5A state championship was awarded to him two times.

The titles of ESPNHS’ first-team All-American and McDonald's All-American were given to him. Till the sixth grade, he had played competitive football. When he had some spare time he played tennis.
Smart set the record for USA U18 steals in the U18 championships held in Brazil.

Marcus Smart Background Check
College Career

Smart played for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. In his freshman year, he enabled the Cowboys to achieve a 24-8 record and thanks to him the reached third place among the Big 12. The only teams above them were Kansas Jayhawks and the Kansas State Wildcats. His point per game average was 15.4 while his assists per game average were 4.2. He also had a rebound per game average of 5.8. When it came to steals among the Big 12, he was the leader.

His record was 99 steals and average per game was 3.0. Cowboys entered the NCAA tournament by becoming the #5 seed, however, they lost to the #12 seed Oregon Ducks. Smart held a press conference on the 17th of April 2013 where he told that he would continue in OSU instead of going to the 2013 NBA Draft. During his freshman, year he set the record for steals in the Big 12.

During his sophomore, he helped the Cowboys who #7 go past the #11 Memphis Tigers by scoring 39 points. During a match on Texas Tech on the 8th of February, 2014, Smart had a physical altercation with a Fan. This happened after he and the fan had a verbal altercation. This happened during the closing minutes of the game. Smart claimed afterward that the fan had used racial slurs against him.

 The fan denied this. In the end, Smart got a three-game suspension and the fan agreed to stay away from Texas Tech games for the rest of that season. Cowboys entered the NCAA tournament again in 2014 but were beaten by the Gonzaga Bulldogs. In that game, he scored 23 points while managing 13 rebounds and six steals. He also provided 7 assists in that game. This made him the first player to reach 20 points while having 10 rebounds along with five steals and five assists.

Smart played with the Cowboys for only two seasons. His points per game average were 16.6 while his assists per game average and his rebounds per game average were 4.5 and 5.9 respectively. Smart became a part of the 2014 NBA Draft on the 7th of April 2014. By doing so he lost his final years of college playing time.

Marcus Smart Public Records  

Professional Career

Smart was drafted by the Boston Celtics and he became a part of the team during the 2014 NBA Summer League. On the 10th of July that year, he officially signed with the team. While playing his fifth game his left ankle got sprained. This happened on the 7th of November when the Celtics won against the Indiana Pacers. The team wanted him to undergo an MRI and the results showed that he should not play for two-three weeks. This injury resulted in him missing 10 games. After that, he played one game against the Detroit Pistons.

The next day the team management assigned him to the Maine Red Claws on the 4th of December. But when he helped the Red Claws defeat the Eric BayHawks, on the 5th of December, the management decided to reassign him to the Celtics. His highest season score of 25 came on 18 March 2015 during a losing game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

However, he hit Matt Bonner San Antonio Spurs player on the 20th of March 2015 in the groin. This got him suspended for one game without pay the next day.

During the 2015-16 season, he became the first Celtic player to score a triple-double since Art Williams. Mr. Williams achieved this feat in 1971. Smart achieved this feat during a winning game against the Phoenix Suns. In the 2016-17 season, he hit his season-high score of 20 points in a losing game against the Washington Wizards.

Smart is still playing for the Boston Celtics and the offered him an offer that would make him a restricted free agent during the 2018-19 season. The offer came on the 29 of June 2018. On the 19th of July the same year, he resigned with the Celtics.

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