Mariano Rivera Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Rhon A.

Mariano Rivera Background Check, Mariano Rivera Public Records

Mariano Rivera Celebrity Life

Mariano Rivera was born on 29th November 1969 and is a former professional baseball player of Panamanian-American origin. The pitcher had played in Major League Baseball for 19 seasons. He played for the New York Pitchers from the year 1995 to 2013. He has been given nicknames such as “Sandman” and “Mo”.


Early life

Born in the capital city of Panama, Rivera’s parents are Delia Jiron and Mariano Rivera. The former player has 2 younger brothers and an older sister. His father was a fishing boat’s captain and the family lived in a fishing village in Panama called Puerto Caimito. As Rivera was growing up, he played sports like baseball and soccer with his friends by the beach when the tides were low.

At that point in time, his favorite sport was soccer and he idolized the soccer legend Pele. Rivera did his elementary schooling at  Escuela Victoriano Chacón and his secondary education from La Escuela Secundaria Pedro Pablo Sanchez. However, he dropped out while studying in the 9th grade.

Mariano Rivera Background Check

Rivera attended Escuela Victoriano Chacón for elementary school and La Escuela Secundaria Pedro Pablo Sanchez for his secondary education, but he dropped out in ninth grade. He continued playing sports while a teenager but had to quit soccer when he was about 17-year-old after suffering from a chain of knee and ankle injuries. Subsequently, Rivera started focusing on baseball. At that point, he regarded it not as a possible profession but as a mere hobby. When he was 18, this former player joined an amateur baseball team called the Panamá Oeste Vaqueros where he was a utility player.

Baseball career

Rivera spent a lion’s share of his baseball career by playing as a pitcher. He also served as a closer for the Yankees for seventeen seasons. Rivera also has the distinction of being an All-Star for 13 times and the champion of the World Series 5 times. He has been one of the leading players in the MLB with 652 saves, as well as, 952 games finished.

Rivera also bagged 5 American League Rolaids Relief Man Awards, as well as, ended up in the list of top 3 candidates for the American League Cy Young Award 4 times. Rivera’s name was included in the Hall of Fame. He was also the 1st baseball player who was unanimously elected by the BBWAA.

Mariano Rivera Public Records
He played amateur baseball until the Yankees signed a contract with him in the year 1990. Rivera played his debut game in 1995 for the MLB as a starting pitcher. However, he converted into a relief pitcher permanently when he was in the rookie year. Rivera had a superb playing season in 1996 and also became the closer for the Yankees in 1997. He consolidated his position as a top reliever in the history of baseball in the seasons that followed.

He was also a prominent contributor to the success of the Yankees in the early 200s and the late nineteen nineties. He was also a well-known postseason performer and was named as the MVP in the World Series of 1999 and the Most Valuable Player of the American League Championship Series of 2003. Rivera holds many postseason records such as the maximum number of saves (42) and the lowest ERA (.70).

Personal life

The legendary former baseball player and Clara, his wife became close since they were in their elementary school together. The duo exchanged their votes on 9th November 1991and have three sons from their marriage. They lived in Panama earlier but shifted to Westchester County in the state of New York later. At present, Rivera lives in Rye, New York.

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