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Mario Williams Background Check, Mario Williams Public Records

Mario Williams Celebrity Life

Among the most popular sports, football stands out because spectators will always be on tenterhooks, without being able to know as to what will happen the next second.

There are games in which the results change drastically in the last few minutes.  This is perhaps one of the reasons football remains as one of the most liked games in several countries including in the USA.

A number of talented players have been entertaining people in the USA and Mario Williams is one of them. Let us know more about him.

Mario Williams was born on 31st January 1985 and he played football at the defensive end. During his college days, he played for the state university of North Carolina.

Houston Texans chose him for the NFL draft of 2006. He was selected for Pro Bowl four times. He played for Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills as well.


The Early Years of Mario Williams

Williams' schooling was at a High School at North Carolina's Richlands. Thanks to his skills both in track and football, he was made a two-sport star.

His records when he was a senior were 87 tackles, five kicks blocked, 13 sacks, five fumbles forced, and 22 numbers of loss tackles. When he was a junior, he could record more than 100 tackles.

Mario Williams  Background Check

In 2002, when he was chosen for the Bown Team of the Shrine of North Carolina, he could notch four sacks. Associated Press selected him for the All-State in 2002.

FoxSN named only three players from North Carolina for the All-South Team of Signing Day of 2002 Countdown and Williams was one of these three.

As a tribute to his skills, his school retired 82, his number. Williams competed in field & track events as well. He qualified for the top-throw of the shot put for the state team.

Williams' rank in the 50 overall of SuperPrep's Elite was 8. ranked him in the fifth position in the country's defensive end. On the contrary, placed him at the ninth position.

The College Career of Mario Williams

During his years at the State University of North Carolina, Williams played for the Wolfpack team between 2003 and 2005. He had set a sack record of all time playing just in three seasons.


The Professional Career of Williams

Houston Texans

Williams signed a six-year contract for $54 million with Houston Texans so that he could be available for the NFL draft of 2006.

On the 1st of October 2006, the team and Miami Dolphins played a match in which Williams could record 1.5 sacks against Daunte Culpepper, a quarterback of Dolphins.

That match was the first win for Texans during the season. The next match that was played after three weeks was against Jacksonville Jaguars and in that match also, Williams contributed for his team's upset victory.

In the whole of the 2006 season, he played 16 games and his contributions were 47 tackles, 1 fumble forced, and 4.5 sacks.

Even during the 2007 season, Williams played remarkably and a few of his big games were the ones his team played against Tennessee Titans and Denver Broncos.

The season ended with Williams recording 14 sacks and 59 tackles in 16 matches. Thanks to his accomplishments during the season, Sporting News chose him for All-Pro's first team.

2008 was also a bright year for Williams because he could amass 53 tackles and 12 sacks in just 16 games that included a Monday Night match that was played on 1st December 2008.

Mario Williams Public Records

Sporting News chose him again for Pro Bowl and All-Pro first team. It was not a surprise he was once again chosen for Pro Bowl even after the end of the 2009 season.

2010 and 2011 saw Williams suffering from health issues and injuries. Therefore, he was placed as a reserve. Williams's contract with the team came to an end in 2011. So, he was free to sign a contract with the team he opted for.

Buffalo Bills

On 15th March 2012, Williams signed a contract for 6 years for a whopping $100 million with Buffalo Bills. His number with the team was #94.

His 16 games during 2012 consisted of 46 tackles, 2 fumbles forced, and 10.5 sacks. But he was constantly suffering from an injury on his wrist during the year.

2013 was another successful year for Williams and he broke records during the year. His tally in that year was 38 tackles, 4 defended passes, 13 sacks, and one forced fumble.

The next year saw Williams recording 14.5 sacks and 42 tackles. He was chosen for Pro-Bowl for 2015 and for the first team of AP All-Pro of 2014. On 1st March 2016, the team released Williams.

Miami Dolphins

On 8th March 2016, Williams signed a contract with Miami Dolphins, and the contract, which was worth $17 million, was for two years. He played for just a season with the team and the Dolphins released him on 16th February 2017.

The personal life of Williams

Williams had a great interest in boating. In 2010, he got a custom wrap commissioned on his boat. He showed he had a great heart by donating to the police department of Houston, five numbers of Chevrolet Camaros. 2013 saw him making another donation that consisted of five numbers of Dodge Chargers.

He extended financial support to children suffering from cancer as well as to their families.

Williams bought a huge home in New York's Orchard Park in 2012 and he lived there.

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