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by Anne S.

Mel Ott Background Check, Mel Ott Public Records

Mel Ott Celebrity Life

The life of Mel Ott is a classic example of the rags-to-riches tale wherein a naive adolescent from a small town became one of the greatest baseball players. Born on 2nd March 1909, Melvin or Mel Ott got the nickname "Master Melvin". He was a professional baseball player in America who played as a right fielder and passed away on 21st November 1958. Ott played for the organization the New York Giants in the MLB or Major League Baseball from 1926 to 1947.

 He was born in one of the suburbs of New Orleans called Gretna Louisiana. Ott was a left-handed batsman but threw right-handed. His height was 5 feet and 9 inches which was unusually less for any power hitter. He led the National League 6 times, which was a record then. Ott had the distinction of being an All-Star for eleven consecutive seasons. He was also the first player in the National League to cross 500 home runs in his career.

Mel Ott Background Check

Early years

Ott was born to Garrie and Charles Ott and had two other siblings, His parents were of Dutch descent and a hard-working couple. His father worked as a laborer in an oil plant. Although Mel had a stocky and short build, he was a versatile athlete who played different sports. While studying in a grammar school Ott's knowledge of baseball was more than that of his playmates.

Regular season

The player was a home run leader in the National League for 6 times. He also led the organization, New York Giants with regard to home runs. The dominance for 18 consecutive seasons is a record in itself, which none of the other players in his team could manage in the single category of Triple Crown.

The year 1929 had been a breakthrough season for Ott. The player had career-high performance in terms of home runs, doubles, slugging percentage, runs scored, and RBIs. Ott's 151 RBIs and 42 homers are the highest for a player who was twenty or younger during the start of the season.


Ott was the youngest baseball player to hit one hundred home runs, as well as, the first player of the National League to hit five hundred home runs. When Ott was at the peak of his career from 1931 to 1941 i.e. for 11 seasons, the batters of American League had an average of 41 percent more home runs as compared to their other counterparts in National League.

Only Jimmy Foxx and Babe Ruth were the only players of the American League who could break the record of the player during this time.

Mel Ott Public Records

A career as a manager

Mel Ott was a manager for the Giants from the year 1942 and was succeeded by Leo Durocher through the season of 1948. The best finish for the Giants was reaching the 3rd position in 1942. Ott was designated as the manager of Pacific Coast League's Oakland Oaks after Chuck Dressen. He helped in leading this club to a finish of 80-88 and in the seventh place.


Mel Ott's name was included in 1951 Baseball Hall of Fame and he won 87 percent of the vote. He has been an All-Star of the National League for 11 consecutive seasons, Ott is one of the 6 players of the National League who spent a career of more than 20 years with a single team. He also got a nomination for the All-Century Team of MLB.

Ott's broadcasting career

Once Ott's sports career ended, he worked as a broadcaster in 1955 on the Mutual Radio Network. He paired up with Van Patrick from 1956-1958 for broadcasting the Detroit Tigers' games on TV, as well as, radio.

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