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Meyers Leonard Celebrity Life

Meyers Patrick Leonard or Meyers Leonard is a basketball professional from America. He was born on February 27th, 1992 and plays for the Miami Heat in the NBA. He spent his college playing days with the Illinois Fighting Illini prior to being picked by the Portland Trail Blazers. He was the 11th pick overall during the NBA draft of 2012.

He creates content FaZe Clan during his free time and likes to stream on Twitch.


Professional Career

Portland Trail Blazers (2012–2019)

Leonard was chosen as the 11th pick overall for the Portland Trail Blazers during the NBA draft of 2012. In July that year, he entered into a rookie-level contract for the Trail Blazers. In October 2012, he played his first NBA game for the team and played for 23 minutes while netting 4 points versus the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Meyers Leonard Background Check
His first start of the NBA career was on November 21st, 2012 versus the Phoenix Suns and registered 12 points as well as 5 rebounds. He recorded his second season-high of 22 points and 10 rebounds during defeat versus the Golden State Warriors.

Leonard's statistics declined between his rookie and sophomore season and fell behind his companion Joel Freeland and he became a backup for a more regular Robin Lopez. He received lesser playing minutes in 2013-14 and the number of points scored also halved with this.

Meanwhile, Blazers changed to a playoff competitor. Leonard played the season-best performance as he put 8 points and got 10 rebounds versus the Charlotte Bobcats.


Leonard featured in just 13 minutes during the initial 9 matches of the 2014-15 season as he became a part of player rotation among 3 others. Due to an injury to the regular player LaMarcus Aldridge, he got a proper start to a game and played 29 minutes as a power forward. He performed well, registering a 3 pointer and 12 rebounds.

He picked up DNPs through 11 out of 12 games that followed.

Due to another injury to Lopez, Leonard received more playing time which he deserved. He made small but steady improvements to his game through the seven weeks that followed. There were just 6 more DNPs for the remainder of the year and his performances kept getting better although the minutes were limited.

By the close of the season, Leonard made a 50/40/90 statistic, scoring 51% along the field, 93% along the line for the free throw, and 42% along the three-point region.

Meyers Leonard Public Records
During the second last match of the campaign on April 13th, he netted a career-best of 24 points during a defeat at the hands of Oklahoma City Thunder. He went on to register a playoff-best match with 13 rebounds and 13 points during a victory against the Memphis Grizzlies.

This was the 4th match of the first-round series though when they defeated the Memphis Grizzlies. The Trail Blazers would eventually lose the series 4-1.

Leonard made a new season-best of 23 points during a defeat against the Dallas Mavericks in December 2015. In March 2016, he sustained an injury to his left shoulder that required surgery. This effectively ruled him out for the remainder of the season.

In July 2016 Leonard signed with the Trail Blazers again, agreeing to stay for 4 more years in what was reportedly a contract worth $41 million.

He received the green light for all practice sessions after completing 6 months from the surgery on the shoulder. He came on as a substitute on December 23rd, 2016 to set a season-best tally of 16 points during a defeat at the hands of San Antonio Spurs.

Miami Heat (2019–present)

Leonard was sold to the Miami Heat as a part of a four-way trade.

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