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Mickey Vernon Celebrity Life

James Barton Vernon or, as we learn, Mickey Vernon, accumulated 2495 hits during his 20-year career, was a seven-time all-star American major league baseball first Baseman. He has played for Washington Senators (1939–48, 1950–55), Cleveland Indians (1949–50, 1958), Boston Red Sox (1956–57), Milwaukee Brave (1959), and Pittsburgh Pirates (1960).

He was also the first manager in the history of the Senators, now called the Texas Rangers. He retired as a player in 1960, holding a major league record for career doubles at the first base (2,044). Vernon was a champion of baseball with a height of 1.88 m and a weight of 170 pounds.


Early life

Born in 1918, April 22, Marcus Hook, a town situated in the southeast part of Pennsylvania. James Barton Vernon was the child of Katherine and Clarence. His father, Clarence was a popular baseball player in local games, he worked as a still-man and later a driver at a nearby refinery.

Katherine, his mother worked for a short period before becoming a full-time homemaker. The boy was nicknamed Mickey by the time he was three years old.

Mickey Vernon Background Check
He was playing in the Delaware Valley League before he earned a sports scholarship from the University of Villanova. Mickey was there for one year and played on the freshman team. After the season, at the suggestion of the university's baseball coach George, who spent his vacation as a manager at Easton Browns, Browns signed him to his first contract.


In 1937, Mickey headed for the minors, where he hit 10 home runs in 83 Easton games. However, He was not picked up by the Browns, so he was signed by Washington and became the property of the Senators. He ended the spring training with the senators in 1938.

Mickey was eventually sent to the South Atlantic League's Greenville, South Carolina Spinners, where Mickey hit .328 in 132 games. He started the season with the Springfield Nationals of the Eastern League the following year. After hitting the league-leading .343 in 69 games, young Vernon was called to Washington.
Mickey Vernon made his big-league debut on July 8, 1939. He was sent to Jersey at the outset of the season in 1940. 2,283 hits in 154 games were made by the youngster. After the season ended, he was called back to Washington. where he played in five games. Never again did he play in the minor leagues. 1941, a wonderful year in Vernon's life. He got married to Elizabeth Firth on the 14th of March and became the regular first baseman of the Senators.

Vernon was recruited in the Navy soon after the season ended in 1943. He spent the following two years as a marine, where he was part of a touring baseball team, largely made up of major league players, who played among huge troops. He returned home and began preparing for the commencement of the following seasons.

Mickey Vernon Public Records


He worked with the Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Montreal Expos, and the Yankees as a minor-league hitting instructor and a major-league batting coach over the next few years. Vernon worked as a scout with the Yankees in his final years in baseball, retiring at the age of 70 in 1988 after spending 52 years in professional baseball.

Mickey and his wife Elizabeth lived in the vicinity of Media, Pennsylvania along with their daughter Gay. Vernon has been a popular member of the local community throughout those years. A life-sized statue of Mickey was installed in Marcus Hook.

A little league was named after him. He also took part in numerous events for former major players throughout the nation. James "Mickey" Vernon died at the age of 90 just a month after being elected to the Hall of Fame Baseball.

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