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Nene Celebrity Life

Nenê is a basketball professional from Brazil who had an earlier name of Maybyner Rodney Hilário. He was born on September 13th, 1982 and currently features with the Houston Rockets in the NBA. He was earlier known as Nenê Hilario, but he changed it legally to just Nene.

Professional career

Denver Nuggets (2002–2012)

Nenê had a great time playing in Brazil which got him a pre-draft invitation to Chicago in the year 2002. He was picked as the 7th overall in the NBA drafts of 2002 for the New York Knicks. They sold him for the Denver Nuggets. He became the first-ever Brazilian to get picked during the initial round of NBA draft.


Nenê started the season 2002–03 as a substitute, but eventually grew into a starter with an average points tally of 10.5 along with steal-count of 1.6, and 6.1 rebounds. He was in the 6th position when it comes to the percentage of field goals. He received a call from the first team of NBA All-Rookie.

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During his second season, he was involved in 77 matches and had an average points tally of 11.8, steal-count of 1.5, and rebound-tally of 6.5 out of the 32.5 average minutes. He was positioned 4th when it came to the percentage of field goals with .530.

Nenê was sidelined for 27 matches in his 3rd campaign as a result of the injury in his left knee, a right hip injury, left hamstring injury, and NBA suspension. He featured in 55 matches in 2004–05 campaign with an average points tally of 9.6 and rebounds tally of 5.9 from average playtime of 23.9.

Through the 2007–08 season, he played only 16 matches with an average playtime of 16.6 minutes and points tally of 5.3 and rebounds tally of 5.4 per match. After a series of injuries and health issues, he missed the major part of the remainder of the season.

He came back with an impressive performance in the 2008–09 campaign. He played in 77 matches out of which 76 were starts. He averaged a career-best points tally of 14.6, rebounds of 7.8, and 1.31 blocks from 32.6 playtime average. He came 5th in the Most Improved Player voting for NBA 2008–09. He had the 2nd position in the percentage of field goals which was 2nd in the history of Denver Nuggets franchise.

Nenê played in all 82 games that he started too. It was another first of his career. He ended with an average points tally of 13.8, a career-best assist tally of 2.5, 1 block, and 2.5 assists from average playtime of 33.6 minutes.

Nenê played 75 matches which were all starts and had an average points tally of 14.5, assist count of 2, 1.12 steals, and rebound count of 7.6. He also had a leading shooting percentage of .615 on the field. 

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Washington Wizards (2012–2016)

Nenê was sold for the Washington Wizards under a three-sided deal with the Los Angeles Clippers and the Nuggets. His average points tally was 13.7 from 39 matches out of which 33 were starts in the shorter 2011-12 campaign.

Nene made a career-best of 30 points during a victory against the LA Lakers in November 2013. He matched this tally later that season against the New Orleans Pelicans.

Houston Rockets (2016–present)

Nenê joined the Rockets in July 2016 and made his debut during the first game of the season in October 2016. He netted a career-best in playoffs of 28 points with 12 out of 12 scored during their 4th match of the first playoff versus the Oklahoma City Thunder. He signed for the Rockets again in September 2019.

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