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Nolan Ryan Celebrity Life

Lynn Nolan Ryan Jr.. born on January 31, 1947, is a past American professional baseball player who played in Major League Baseball. He is currently the CEO of the Texas Rangers Club.

For 27 years at Major League Baseball, he has played for the New York Mets, California Angels, Houston Astros, and Texas Rangers teams. In 1999, he was included in the Baseball Hall of Fame.


During his career in Major League Baseball, his percentage of victories was 52.6%, he participated in matches of all Major League Baseball 8 times, and 5714 strikeouts are a Major League Baseball record and he is ahead of the nearest pursuer Randy Johnson by 839 strikeouts. He also holds the Major League Baseball record for the number of baseballs he has.

Ryan and Sandy Koufax are the only Major League baseball pitchers introduced to the Baseball Hall of Fame who have made more strikeouts than played innings. Ryan is assigned a number in three different teams: Angels, Astros, and Rangers. Not a single Major League Baseball player, except Jackie Robinson (who is assigned a number in all Major League Baseball teams), is assigned a number in at least three clubs.

Nolan Ryan Background Check

During his career, Ryan made 7 know-how, which is a record for Major League Baseball (in second place is Sandy Koufax with four). Nolan shares the record with Bob Feller in the number of one-hitters - 12. However, he never won back the perfect game and never received a Sai Young prize. Ryan is one of 29 Major League Baseball players who have performed in four different decades.

Early life

Ryan was born in Refueri (Texas) and was in the family the youngest of six children. His parents Lynn Nolan Sr. and Martha Lee Hancock Ryan lived on a farm near Woodsboro, and later moved to Alvin when he was six weeks old. As a child, he loved to throw different things for any purpose. His father thought baseball would be the best use of his hands, so he encouraged Nolan to play baseball in every way.

At the age of nine, Ryan began playing in Alvin's Little League baseball. At the age of 11 and 12, he was selected to the all-star teams, and a few years later, he played the first know-how in his life. In addition to the position of the pitcher, Ryan also played in other positions.


In high school, Alvin Ryan played for the local team under the supervision of coach Jim Watson. In the graduation class, he set a record for the number of strikeouts.

Nolan Ryan Public Records
Professional career

New York Mets (1966-1971)

In 1965, after graduating from school, Ryan was selected in the 12th round of the 1965 Major League Baseball Draft by the New York Mets Club. After signing the contract, he was sent to the Marion Mets club from the lower league Appalachian League. The following year, he was invited to the main team, becoming the second youngest in the league. His first strikeout was against Pet Jarvis, and his first home run was missed by Joe Torre.

Due to illness, a hand injury and military service, Ryan missed most of the 1967 season by playing just 7 innings at the Mets Farm Club in Jacksonville. He did not play in the main league until 1968. Despite his fast fastballs, he was not able to compete with the main pitcher of the team Tom Siver and Jerry Kusman. Ryan basically took the position of a reliever pitcher.

Personal Life

Ryan married Ruth Holdorff, his highschool sweetheart in June 1967. The couple has three children, Wendy, Reid and Reese. Both Reese and Reid were pitchers for TCU Horned Frogs.

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