Omar Infante Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Julian T.

Omar Infante Background Check, Omar Infante Public Records

Omar Infante Celebrity Life

From the free web encyclopedia (Wikipedia), information about the Venezuelan former professional baseball Omar Infante, the second baseman provides us with immense information. Let us look at the professional background of this amazing pitcher, catcher, and first base professional baseball player.

His Early Days

Omar Infante was born on December 26, 1981, in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. This famous infielder for the MLB teams – Kansas City Royals and Detroit Tigers won a World Series Championship in 2015. His teammate for the multiple World Series in 2013 was Pablo Sandoval.


Professional Sport

He rose to fame in 2002 when he participated in the major leagues with the Detroit Tigers as the starting shortstop. Omar Infante is considered one of the most successful baseball players in Venezuela and one of the richest. When he first started out in professional sport he did not claim the shortstop role. He lost to Carlos Guillen but was noticed when he played solid defense. Given that he hit a .264 with 16 home runs and 55 RBI’s in 142 games, he certainly was someone to look out for! His time with the Tigers was short-lived at the time - he regressed.

Omar Infante Background Check
Moving On to Other Teams

Omar Infante as a professional baseballer plays right-handed. He is a .276 hitter, has clocked 259 home runs, and 347 runs in 1019 games and counting. This baseball great has played for multiple teams, the Detroit Tigers, Atlanta Braves, and Miami Marlins. In the year 2009, he signed a contract with Atlanta Braves for a sum of $4.3 million. During his career with the Braves, he was awarded the title as the most valuable utility man in the national league.

Infante moved on to the Miami Marlins and continued with them for a contracted amount of $8 million which was extended for a period of two years. The bidding was where he and another gamer went from the Braves to the Marlins. He was a fielding assist and made a name for himself on the field.

Accidents and a Comeback

Omar Infante was later traded back to the Detroit Tigers in 2012. It was during his stint at the Tigers where he suffered a setback during a game and broke his left hand. He did suffer from a lower leg injury which was a nuisance.

This took a beating on his overall performance. However, like every professional athlete he bounced back with an amazing game and in 2013, clocked a.450 slugging percentage of his career.

Omar Infante Public Records

As all professional greats do, it was time to move along to another team – the Kansas City Royals. His signing contract gave him an amount of $30.25 million with a club option – this was the year 2013. The year 2014 was quite a struggle for Omar but he made the most of a game as he hit a home run against the San Francisco Giants to a 7-2 victory.

The year 2015 saw him going on defensive and offensive against the Cleveland Indians. Unfortunately, he lost his starting job and while he did win his first championship, he did not participate in many games. Ultimately, after not a very successful stint, he became a free agent.

The career of Omar Infante in a nutshell

Early on, Omar Infante was signed on in 1999 as an amateur free agent by Detroit Tigers.

In 2002, he was on contract with them, resigned in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

In 2006 Chicago Cubs acquired him, and later on by Atlanta Braves. He continued with Atlanta until 2011 and was acquired by Florida.

He went on to Detroit in 2012 for years and signed on by Kansas City as a free agent and later by Detroit as a free agent.

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