Omar Vizquel Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Sheila A.

Omar Vizquel Background Check, Omar Vizquel Public Records

Omar Vizquel Celebrity Life

Born on 24th April 1967, Omar Enrique Vizquel González used to be a professional baseball player. Omar is from Caracas located in Venezuela. He started his career on 3rd April 1989 when he made his debut for the Seattle Mariners. Omar has had an ecstatic Major League Baseball or MLB career playing as a shortstop. He made his last MLB appearance on 3rd October 2012 for the Toronto Blue Jays.


In his entire baseball career, Omar has played for seven teams. He played for the Seattle Mariners between 1989 and 1993. Thereafter, he played for the Cleveland Indians between 1994 and 2004.

The next year, until 2008, Omar played for the San Francisco Giants. A year later, in 2009, Vizquel played for the Texas Rangers. He finished the last few years of his career by playing with the Chicago White Sox between 2010 and 2011 and finally with the Toronto Blue Jays in 2012.

Omar Vizquel  Background Check
Omar was also a multi-talented person. He could bat from both his left and right hand. However, he threw only with his right hand. In his entire 20+ years of career, Omar had a .272 batting average, made 80 home runs, scored 2877 from hits and 951 from batting runs. He is still the 43rd all-time leader among Venezuela players.

Vizquel ranks behind Derek Jeter and Honus Wagner as shortstops with all-time hits. He is also the 29th player marked as the only shortstop who played for the Major League games in the past four decades. He also holds the title of the oldest shortstop player in Major League history. He was given this title on 7th May 2012.

It is for these reasons that Vizquel had many career highlights and rewards. His first and foremost achievement was the Gold Glove Award in 1993. He continuously received this award until 2001. He also received the same award in 2005 and 2006. Vizquel’s second greatest achievement was receiving the All-Star award in 1998, 1999 and in 2002. For his achievements as a three-time All-Star and an 11 time Gold Glove Award winner, Omar was added to the prestigious group of the Cleveland Indians Hall of Fame.


Personal Life of Omar Vizquel

Omar has also made his name in the service community. He majorly contributes as a spokesperson for two major organization namely the Young Audiences and the Schools Now. However, he never hesitates to contribute to the people of his city whenever the need arises.

Vizquel helped to raise $500,000 as funds for the 25,000 victims of the 1999 Vargas mudslide disaster as a relief volunteer. He has also been holding Tribe Jams in downtown Cleveland along with his friends and retired players. The purpose of this event was to get together and sing songs.

Omar Vizquel Public Records
Omar even wrote an autobiography “Omar!: My Life on and Off the Field” along with his known acquaintance Bob Dyer. His book ranked under the New York Times Best Sellers List for four weeks. A year later, in 2003, a paperback version of the book was released. Omar has even made TV appearances. He was referenced in the May 1992 episode “Bart’s Friend Falls in Love” of The Simpsons.

Vizquel has had two marriages and one divorce to date. He first married Nicole, a native of Seattle. A few years after divorcing his first wife, Vizquel found his love Blanca Garcia and married her in July 2014.

But apart from great achievements, Vizquel also had a few issues with his personal life. One of his most publicized issues was his feud with former baseball player Jose Mesa. He even criticized Mesa’s performance in his own autobiography. The visible heat between the players was always visible on the field.

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