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by Romeo D. Jancee

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 Orlando Cepeda Celebrity Life

Orlando Cepeda is a former first baseman of Major League Baseball. He has a membership in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. He played baseball from 1958 to 1966 for San Francisco Giants and from 1966 to 1968 for St. Louis Cardinals. In 1967, he played for St. Louis Cardinals and was selected as the National League Most Valuable Player. His team was the winner of the World Series. In 1973, Cepeda was the first winner of the Outstanding Designated Hitter Award of the American League.

Personal Information

Pedro “Perucho” Cepeda, Orlando Cepeda’s father played baseball in Puerto Rico. Orlando Cepeda’s birthplace is Ponce, Puerto Rico and his date of birth is 17th September 1937. He played for many teams of Minor League Baseball. In 1958, he started to play baseball for the San Francisco Giants at the age of seventeen.

 Orlando’s family was very poor. His father played baseball professionally in Puerto Rico and he was famous as “The Bull” and “Perucho”. Perucho Cepeda was failed to play for the major leagues due to his black color. Orlando Cepeda was inspired for playing baseball by following his father. At the age of ten, Orlando Cepeda started to sell a newspaper for participating in a baseball tournament for paperboys.

Orlando Cepeda Background Check

Career Information

Orlando Cepeda started his career by playing for minor league baseball. In 1958, San Francisco Giants called him and within his first season, he got the name Rookie of the year for leading the National League within doubles (38). The San Francisco Examiner selected him as the “Most Valuable Giant”.

Orlando played for Atlanta Braves from 1969 to 1972. He also played for Oakland Athletics in 1972 and for Boston Red Sox in 1973. In1962, Orlando Cepeda played baseball in the All-Star Games. He had strong years in 1961 and 1962 and he faced serious problems with Alvin Dark, the team’s manager.


Orlando got back to the LBPPR during the winter and he suffered from a knee injury at the training period of baseball. In 1971, he got the second injury to one knee at his home. Orlando visited Dr. Funk, an Orthopedist of the Atlanta Falcons who determined that Orlando’s injury was serious. Orlando continued his playing part-time. In September 1971, he went to New York for surgery and he started playing with pain in 1972. He was traded for Denny McLain to the Oakland Athletics. The second surgery was made for his knee injury.

He joined the Boston Red Sox in 1973. He was selected for seven times as an All-Star. He was the winner of the Ernie Banks Positive Image Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001. By joining in LBPPR, Orlando tried to return for playing baseball, but he failed to continue his playing and opted for retirement in 1973. After his retirement, he faced many personal issues.

Orlando Cepeda Public Records
Background Check

On 12th December 1975, the police arrested Orlando Cepeda for keeping drugs and took him to the federal court of old Sun Juan. The agents of United States Customs reported that Orlando Cepeda was accused of keeping marijuana and hypodermic needle illegally as the officials at the city airport confiscated 165 pounds of marijuana. John M. Garcia, United States Magistrate of Sun Juan, set bond at $50,000 for Orlando Cepeda. In 1976, Orlando was convicted for smuggling marijuana and got the punishment of imprisonment for five years.

He was famous as “Cha-Cha” and “Baby Bull”. He played three world series. He played baseball for San Francisco Giants and was the winner of the 1958 NL Rookie of the Year. Orlando Cepeda was also the winner of the NL MVP when he played for St. Louis Cardinals in 1967. He led the National League with 142 RBIs and 46 home runs in 1961.

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