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by Rhon A.

PJ Tucker Background Check, PJ Tucker Public Records

PJ Tucker Celebrity Life

PJ Tucker, born on 5th May 1985 in Raleigh, North Carolina is an American basketball player who plays for Houston Rockets of the NBA. He plays the role of small forward and power forward. He was selected in the 2006 NBA draft in the second round under the 35th overall team of the Toronto Raptors.

Professional Career

PJ was selected at number 35 in the 2006 NBA draft by Toronto Raptors. With the Raptors, he signed a 2-year contract on July 26, 2006.

On 5th January 2007, the Raptors sent Tucker to play for the Colorado Photiners, a D-League farm club. On 6th February 2007, the Toronto Raptors called him back to the NBA. 6th March, he was re-sent to play for the Colorado Photiners.


On 24th March 2007, PJ was expelled from the Toronto Raptors to make room for Luc Jackson. In his NBA debut season, Tucker spent 83 minutes on the ground. In Summer League 2007, Tucker played for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

PJ Tucker Background Check
Tucker spent the 2007-2008 season in the Israeli Premier League, playing for Hapoel Holon. In the league final, Hapoel Holon defeated Maccabi (Tel Aviv), thus interrupting their fourteen-year series of victories in the Israeli championships, and Tucker himself received the prize for the most valuable player in the championship.

For the season 2008-2009, Tucker signed a contract with the Ukrainian club Donetsk, which had just reached the top division of the Ukrainian Championship. Tucker led his team to 3rd place in the league and became a member of the Ukrainian Super League star match. At the end of the season, Tucker suffered a knee injury, but despite this, he finished the season with the highest points scored on average per game.

 On 7th October 2009, Tucker extended the contract with the club from Donetsk for another season. After this team ceased to exist, PJ returned to play in Israel, signing in March 2010 a contract with Bnei Hasharon until the end of the season.

In the year 2010 August, he signed a contract with the Greek club Aris for one season but was released from the team in March in the following year. In April, he signed a contract until the end of the season with the Italian club Sutor.

In July 2011, Tucker joined the German team, Brose Bamberg. He helped the club win the 2012 German Championship, and was also recognized as the most valuable player in the final.

PJ Tucker Public Records

In 2012 summer, PJ signed a contract with Spartak from St. Petersburg. However, he soon refused the contract in order to play for the Phoenix Suns in the Summer League. In the month of August in the year 2012, PJ signed a 2-year contract with the club.

In his 1st match after returning to the NBA, he scored 10 points, made 2 rebounds, 1 interception & 1 block, in a lost match against the Golden State Warriors.

Almost immediately, he became an active player in the rotation of the club, a good organization of defense stood out among its advantages. For the first time in the starting line-up of the Suns, Tucker came out on December 31, 2012, and since then he has mainly been in the starting five of the club.

On April 6, 2014, Tucker set his personal record with 22 points in the victorious match against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

July 23, 2014, Tucker re-signed a contract with the club in the amount of 16.5 million dollars, which the player must receive within 3 years. In the month of August in the year 2014, Tucker was suspended from the first 3 games of the championship for extreme drunk driving.

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