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Rashean Mathis Celebrity Life

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Rashean Mathis was born on the 27th of August in 1980. Rashean Mathis is a retired American (NFL), the professional cornerback.

He played football at the college level in his University and was selected for round two by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Rashean Mathis also competed for the DL team and is considered one of the Jacksonville Jaguars' strongest defensive players to date.

Rashean Mathis Background Check

Early life

Around a comparable background as the CWS's Myers, Mathis graduated Englewood High School in Jacksonville and was a classmate and a football letterman.

Statements to be selected for baseball out of high school were also examples of his sporting success. He was given scholarships by to practice center field.

Rashean Mathis got no scholarship money from bigger institutions because during secondary school he injured his ankle.


Rashean Mathis still owns the title in one period for the most touchdown passes for a performance in the history of college football. Rashean Mathis received the BBA award, also known as the Walter Payton Award for the defensive player of the year in the year 2002.


Professional Career

Rashean Mathis attended the NFL Football Combine and played both the individual exercises and role exercises.

At the end of the early to mid-draft cycle, NFL's draft analysts and scouts had expected Mathis to be a second and third-round selection.

Rashean Mathis was rated by DraftScout.com as the highest free safety prospect and was listed by NFL expert Mike Mayock as the second most successful safety.

Rashean Mathis was picked by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the double round with the 2003 NFL Draft (39th overall). Mathis may have been the second safety picked in 2003, next to Marcus Trufant (11th overall).

Rashean Mathis has also been the eighth defensive lineman drafted in 2003 and had been Bethune-Cookman's first player chosen after Ansuan Wyatt was recruited in 1997.

Rashean Mathis also was Bethune-Cookman's third-largest draft selection, behind Booker Reese (32nd overall, 1982) defensive lineman and Terry Williams (37th overall, 1988) defensive safety.

Background Check Rashean Mathis

The Jacksonville Jaguars agreed on a four-year, $3.17-million deal to Rashean Mathis on July 24, 2003.

As a contributing defender, Rashean Mathis entered the offseason workouts. Head coach Jack Del Rio, accompanying middle linebacker Donovan Darius, appointed Mathis the beginning free safety to start the second half of the season.

Rashean Mathis made his competitive regular season performance and first career appearance at the Carolina Panthers in the Jacksonville Jaguars opening game of the season and recorded two total stops, a pass deflection, also his first career turnover in 24-23 defeat.

He made his first interception of his career off a Jake Delhomme quarterback throw.

Owing to injuries to Jason Craft and Kiwaukee Thomas, Mathis was moved to backup at Week 6. Rashean Mathis recorded a season-high nine individual stops during a 28-23 game Indianapolis Colts in Week 10.

In 2003, he participated in all 16 games, with a working life-high 81 total stops (71 solos), nine pass corner kicks, and two interceptions.

Since Fernando Bryant left in free agency, Rashean Mathis joined the training camp billed as the No. 1 starting cornerback. Head coach Jack Del Rio has appointed the starting cornerbacks Mathis and Dewayne Washington to start the regular season.

In 2006, Rashean Mathis had his best year, catching eight interceptions (tied for third in the league), and going to be voted for the Pro Bowl, where he performed alongside Bailey.

He and John Henderson have been the only players on the roster who played in the year's Pro Bowl.

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed Rashean Mathis on August 24, 2005, to a five-year $25.50-million long term contract that provides promised $9.40million.

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