Rebecca Romijn Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Peggy B.

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Rebecca Romijn Celebrity Life

Rebecca Romijn, who was born on 6th November 1972, is an actress from the USA. She was a formal model also. Her roles as Mystique in the X-Men series and as Joan in the 2004-film "The Punisher" got her immense popularity.

She had been doing the regular roles of Alexis Meade in Ugly Betty, a TV series, and of Number One on Discovery - Star Trek. 
In addition, she did a few other memorable roles including that of Eve Baird in The Librarians, a TNT series that was aired for 4 seasons.

She lent her voice for a few animated movies of DC Universe. She hosted Skin Wars, a game show as well.


The Early Life of Romijn

The birthplace of Romijn was Berkeley in California. Elizabeth Romijn, her mother, was not only an instructor who taught English in a college but was a textbook author as well. Jaap Romijn, Rebecca's father, is a maker of customized furniture.

Rebecca did not have enjoyable teenage years because she felt insecure during that period. She had constant pain also due to scoliosis. She was laughed at because she was very tall. She studied Music at California University.

It was then she got interested in fashion modeling. She then shifted to Paris for pursuing her interest. She lived in Paris for over 3 years.

Rebecca Romijn Background Check
The Career of Rebecca Romijn

Though Rebecca was involved in several other jobs, she did not stop pursuing her modeling career. She really began this career only during the year 1991. Her gradual success started yielding results and she was put up on the covers of several fashion magazines including their American, Spanish, Swedish, Spanish, and Russian editions.

Some of the magazines that displayed her photos on their covers include Elle, Cosmopolitan of American, Mexican, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Greek, and Portuguese editions, Marie Claire, Allure, Sports Illustrated, Glamour, GQ, and Esquire.

The advertising campaigns in which she appeared include Escada, La Perla, Christian Dior, Maybelline, Tommy Hilfiger, Liz Claiborne, Furla, J. Crew, Bebe, Victoria's Secret, Dillard's, La Senza, Got Milk?, Pantene, and Miller Lite. She worked for big names such as Anna Molinari, Giorgio Armani, and Sonia Rykiel.

 During the period between 1998 and 2000, she hosted an MTV's Style program. Several publications have placed her in their lists of the most gorgeous women in the world. Some of these publications include Maxim,, and FHM.

Her first major role in movies came about with Mystique, and X-Men series. she reprised the role in its 2003-sequel as well. In these roles, she had to wear just a blue makeup and a few prosthetics that were strategically placed on her nude body.

Her leading role came about in the 2002-movie Femme Fatale. She acted in a few other movies that include The Punisher, Godsend, and Rollerball. She acted in a TV series of WB Television.

Rebecca Romijn Public Records  

January 2007 saw Romijn making her appearance on Ugly Betty, which was produced by ABC. But due to her pregnancy, she could not make recurring appearances in the series.

She starred in Eastwick, another ABC series but ABC canceled the series during November 2009. She did a cameo as well in X-Men, a 2011-film. She continued acting in shows that included live-action shows and a TNT series.

Apart from acting, she has recorded music for albums that include a 2005-album. She is currently hosting an original series of GSN and Skin Wars, a reality show. In 2019, Rebecca has joined the crew of Discovery - Star Trek in which she plays the character of Number One, a first officer in Enterprise 1701, a starship.

Awards Rebecca Got

Rebecca won the Blockbuster Entertainment Supporting Actress award for 2011 for her role in X-Men. The same role got her the Saturn Award as well. In addition, she was nominated for many other awards for the various other roles she played.

The Personal Life of Rebecca

Romijn started dating John Stamos, an actor, in 1994. They got engaged just before the 1997-Christmas. They got married on 19th September 1998. But the couple separated in 2004.

In 2004, she began dating Jerry O'Connell, another actor. They got married on 14th July 2007. They have two daughters.

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