Ricky Wagner Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Rannie A.

Ricky Wagner Background Check, Ricky Wagner Public Records

Ricky Wagner Celebrity Life

It appears that sportspersons are very happy if they have a packed schedule of lined-up games. They are likely to feel despair if there are long gaps between matches.

This is applicable to all sports including football. Though football is popular all over the world, there are certain countries the people of which go crazy over this sport.

The USA is one of these countries. In fact, the US has a separate league for football. Every football player in the country aspires to get drafted for the NFL.

Though it is not easy, consistent practice, determination, grit, and a focused approach will certainly help players realize their dream of getting drafted for the NFL.


Though there have been several players who have played at the NFL level, some players stand out. Their talents have been so good that teams vie with each other to have their services.

One such player is Ricky Wagner who plays the game as an offensive tackle. Let us try to know more details about him.

Ricky Wagner was born on 21st October 1989. He played for teams such as Baltimore Ravens and Detroit Lions. He is now with Packers of Green Bay.

His first draft for the NFL was made by Baltimore Ravens. It was for the 2013-NFL's fifth-round this drafting was made. During his college years, he played at Wisconsin.

Ricky Wagner Background Check

The Early Life of Wagner

During his high school years, Wagner originally played at the wide receiver's position. The intention was to avoid injuries.

In fact, his favorite sport during those high-school years used to be basketball. He made a compromise with the coach of his school and even agreed to play when he was a sophomore.

The College Career of Wagner

In 2008, Wagner decided to redshirt because he wanted to improve his skills. This delayed his debut by over a year.

It was only on 12th September 2009, he debuted in a match that was played against the State of Fresno. During the freshman season, he played in 12 matches out of the total number of 13 games.

It was on 18th September 2010, Wagner could make the first start of his career at the right tackle position. It was a game played against the State of Arizona.

 His performance in that position was so good that he was honorably mentioned for the All-Big Ten team both by the coaches and the media. It was a consensus decision to make this mention.

Again in 2011, he could achieve the feat of having an honorable consensus mention for the All-Big Ten by the coaches as well as the media.

It was his starting all the 14 games he played at the left tackle position that earned this second consecutive mention.

In the season of 2012, Wagner could start in 13 games out of the 14 matches of the season.

Just before the beginning of the season, he was on the watchlist for a trophy called Outland Trophy.

Ricky Wagner Public Records

The Professional Career of Ricky Wagner

Wagner's stint with Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens chose Wagner for the fifth round for the 2013 Draft of the NFL. On 18th August 2014, Ravens officially announced that he would be starting at the right tackle position during the season of 2014.

Wagner's stint with Detroit Lions

On 10th March 2017, Wagner entered into a five-year deal with Detroit Lions. The team decided to play him at the right tackle position during the season of 2017.

He started in 13 matches but unfortunately, he had to miss three games due to his injury in his ankle. On 13th March 2020, the team released him.

Wagner with Green-Bay Packers

On 17th March 2020, Wagner has entered into a two-year deal with Green-Bay Packers. The deal is worth $11 million.

The Personal Life of Wagner

On 25th June 2016, Wagner married Kristin Froehlich, his sweetheart from the high school in which he studied. The wedding took place in Wisconsin.

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