Robert Ayers Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Robert Ayers Background Check, Robert Ayers Public Records

Robert Ayers Celebrity Life

Born on the 6th of September, 1985, Robert Ayers played as a defensive end in American Football’s National Football League, or the NFL. He has played for 10 years in the NFL before retiring from the game.

He has played football during his college years at Tennessee before the Denver Broncos selected him during the first round of 2009’s NFL Draft Pick. Other teams he has played for include the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New York Giants.


Early Life and College Career

Ayers took birth in Jersey City, New Jersey, and went on to attend his high school education from Sacred Heart School, till his eighth grade.

He then changed schools, spending a portion of his freshman year studying in Hoboken High School, before relocating to Cilo, South Carolina, and attending Bennettsville’s Marlboro County High School.

During his high school career, Ayers was selected as the All-state linebacker and also got selected to play as a senior in the Shrine Bowl of 2003. 

Robert Ayers Background Check
During the 2003 season, Ayers had a statistic of five pass interceptions and 112 tackles. His statistics have always been good, with him having recorded 8 sacks, 94 tackles, and 3 interceptions during his junior year.

Ayers was not just a good footballer but an exceptional overall athlete, having achieved letters twice during his high school career in track and fields as a sprinter. He ran both the 4 x 100-meter relays and the 100-meter dash.

Ayers went on to enroll in the University of Tennessee, where he played as a redshirt outside linebacker in the year 2004.

During his sophomore year, he was repositioned as a backup and defensive end with a statistic of 1 sack and 5 tackles by the year’s end.

The year 2006 saw him play as a backup once again and Ayers had a statistic of 1 sack and 25 tackles.

 The year 2007, was no different, with Ayers playing as a backup once again, but was the leader in the team with 12 tackles for losses and 4 sacks, apart from having 2 pass breakups, 4 quarterback pressures, and 34 tackles.

It was the year 2008 that saw Ayers play as a starter for the University of Tennessee in the right defensive end securing a record of 3 sacks, 49 tackles, 6 pressures, 1 interception, and leading the team as well as the league with 15.5 tackles for losses. 2008 was Ayers's year as a senior.

Professional Career

Ayers proceeded to play professionally in the year 2009, with Denver Broncos, picking him as their second draft pick in the first round of 2009’s NFL Draft Pick.

He was the 18th overall pick in the first round of that year’s NFL Draft Pick. He signed a contract with the Broncos on 4th August 2009, which guaranteed him a payout of $9.7 million.

Robert Ayers Public Records

After the end of his five-year contract in 2013, where the Broncos were successful in qualifying for the Super Bowl XLVIII but lost 43-8 to the Seattle Seahawks, Ayer’s went on to sign a $4 million contract of two years with the New York Giants.

Before retiring on 16 July 2019, Ayers had also played professionally with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and even got selected for a one-year contract by the Detroit Lions, but did not play for them as his contract was released the very next day that it was signed.

In his professional career, Robert Ayers has played a total of 120 games, with 265 combined tackles, 195 total tackles, 75 assisted tackles, 34.5 sacks, 9 forced fumbles, 3 fumble recoveries, 54 in fumble return yards and 13 passes defended.

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