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Robert Quinn Celebrity Life

Born on 18 May 1990, Robert Quinn is an NFL Chicago Bears linebacker on the outside. His career began when St.Louis Rams drafted him during the NFL season of 2011 while he was playing for North Carolina.

He is 6-feet and 4-inches tall and weighs approximately 260 pounds. At present, he plays as number 94 for the Chicago Bears.
Early Life

Robert completed his high school from Fort Dorchester, which is located in South Carolina. During the same years, he played for the Patriots football team of the school.

His senior season did not last long because he went through the benign tumor surgery.

Fortunately, he made a 100 percent recovery and, after that, resumed his football career.

Before the benign tumor surgery, he made a quarterback count of 21, sacks of 5, loss tackles of 10, and a more significantly tackle count of 54.

 Robert Quinn Background Check

For his relentless efforts, the Scout website ranked him as the 19th player with the best defensive. He was also given a lower count ranking, i.e., 18 by the Rivals website.

Besides this, he had a career in 4A wrestling at the time, and he was the heavyweight state champ three times. In 2008, he even played for the All-American U.S.Army Bowl.


As mentioned before, Robert went to North Carolina to complete his college years. He started as a freshman twelve years ago. He played a total of 13 games of which he started 12 of them.

During the games, he made a total tackle count of 34, quarterbacks sacks of 2, and forced fumbles count of 2.

For these efforts, he received the Brian Piccolo award from ACC and got ranked third in the Year’s Defensive Rookie by ACC.
During the next year, Robert made a total tackle count of 52. He became the 15th player in the country with a tackle loss count of 19.

At the time, he was also his league ranking was second, and the national sacks ranking was 16th with a total sacks count of 16.

During the season, he also made three breakups in passes and, with the same became the second player in the ACC ranking and fourth player in the national ranking with forced fumble count of 6.

The CBS made him the All-American second-team selection, and he was even the All-ACC first-team selection.

Unfortunately, 2010 was the worst year for him due to the NCAA investigators who ruled him ineligible for lying about jewelry and travel arrangements.

Three years later, on 19 November, he, along with Greg Little and Marvin Austin, received an indefinite disassociation letter from the university.

They were about the investigation and improper benefits taken by the athletes while they were part of it. 

Robert Quinn Public Records  
His total tackle count in the previous year’s week 17 was 290. He even recorded a sacks count of 80.5, forced fumble counts of 24, fumble recoveries count of 2, deflections while pass count of 20 and touchdown defensive as 1.

He played for the St. Louis or Los Angeles Rams between 2011 and 2017. After that, between 2018 and 2019, he played for Miami Dolphins, and in 2019 he joined the Dallas Cowboys and played until 2020.

As mentioned earlier, he plays for the Chicago Bears and has been doing so since 1 April 2020. The last team gave him a $70 million contract to sign him up for the next five years.


Roberts’s career highlights and awards include two Pro Bowl in the years 2013 and 2014.

In 2013, he also got the first-team All-Pro and PFWA Defense Player of the Year from NFL. Before that, in 2009, he got an All-American second team and All-ACC first-team.

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