Ross Youngs Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Kelly G.

Ross Youngs Background Check, Ross Youngs Public Records

 Ross Youngs Celebrity Life

Ross Middlebrook Youngs was a professional player of baseball from America. He was called as ‘Pep’. He had played around 10 seasons in the MLB for the team of NY Giants from the year 1917 till 1926. He exclusively played in the position of right field. He was a part of the NY Giants when the team won NL pennants for 4 consecutive times along with the world series of 1921 and 1922.

 Youngs excelled as a baseball player and also as a footballer for America at the military institute of West Texas. As he started off his career with minor league games of baseball, the NY Giants signed him up in the year 1916. He holds a lifetime average of .322 for the Giants and he batted for more than .300 nine times in his entire career which includes a record of 8 repeated seasons. The era of his great gameplay was cut short due to illness.

Ross was selected for the Hall of Fame in the year 1972 by the committee of Veterans.

Ross Youngs Background Check

Early life

Ross Youngs was born on the 10th of April 1897 in Shiner city of Texas. He was the second son in his family and he had two brothers. Ross’s father worked for the railroad. His family was shifted to San Antonio and his father started working as a rancher. His mother ran a very small hotel where they stayed. Youngs completed his education from West Texas Institute.

He even received scholarships for playing football in the college team which he passed on as he was more interested in baseball. He made his game debut in the year 1914 for the team of Austin Senators.

Professional life

Young was assigned for spring training in Marlin along with the team of Giants in the year 1917. He was assigned initially to the Hustlers which was a team with which the Giants had a relationship of work. Youngs played around 140 games for the Hustlers where he had an average of .356 and was then promoted to the club of the big league.

He made his debut in the league on the 25th of September where he played seven out of nine games for the NL pennant winners. He played six games in the center field and the last one is right.

In-Game 3 of the World Series of 1921, Ross became one of the first players who recorded two hits within the same inning of any game of the World Series. The Giants was able to easily beat the Yankees where Youngs alone batted a total of .280 in the whole series.

Ross Youngs Public Records  

The gaming career of Ross Youngs was cut short as he was diagnosed with kidney disorder which was then called Bright’s disease in the year 1926. He was exposed to streptococcal infection in the year 1924. As he turned out to be too ill for playing, the manager of Giants sent him home and he received a blood transfusion in the year 1927. He died because of Bright’s disease on the 22nd of October 1927 when he was only 30 years of age.


Ross Youngs got married to Dorothy Pienecke who he met during his holidays in Berkshires in the year 1924. He was the father of one daughter whose name was Caroline and was born in the year 1925. But, Youngs got separated from his wife right before the birth of Caroline. Ross was considered to be a very friendly person who used to give out money to anyone who needed it. Right at the time of his death, he owed around $16,000.

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