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Rueben Randle Celebrity Life

Rueben Randle played as wide receiver with the New York Giants during his four-year career head start. He was born on 7th May 1991 in Louisiana state.

Randle was selected for the NFL draft in 2012 while he associated with teams - Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles for during his NFL career.


Randle went to the Bastrop High School; and played in a high school football team as quarterback and wide receiver positions. From the very beginning, Randle was capable of building massive totals and leading his team to important victories.

Early Career

Apart from participation in football, Rueben Randle actively played basketball, baseball and ran for the tracks. He started his football journey as a quarterback and wide receiver while he was still in high school. Randles's scores helped the Bastrop High win three state titles in 2005 and 2008.

Rueben Randle Background Check
And, his senior years and sophomore performances greatly contributed to crucial team wins. In the duration as a junior, Randle scored 11 touchdowns in 1058 yards with 55 receptions.

Playing as a sophomore in his high school football team, Randle scored a shining 7 touchdowns in 433 yards and 14 catches.

His years while studying at the Louisiana State University were equally exciting as Randle was considered a star player owing to his striking performances in junior and sophomore time periods.

His spell of 13 touchdowns in 1634 yards with 97 passes, earned wide appreciation as he prepared to enter the NFL draft by the year 2012.


NFL Performance

Rueben Randle’s NFL draft was kick-started with the New York Giants. He spent following four years with the Giants and scored 12 touchdowns, 131 receptions in 1847 yards.

Randles went on to score a massive 20 touchdowns in 2644 yards with 188 receptions in his four-year-long tenure.

Afterward, he was recruited by the Philadelphia Eagles for one year term in 2016.

However, he soon made another move and joined the Chicago Bears in 2017 but was released in the same year due to shuffles.

In a major move, Rueben Randle went on to play for CFL (Canadian Football League). He played for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for one year before getting relieved.

In his entire NFL career, Rueben Randle scored a total of 188 receptions in 2644 yards with 20 touchdowns.

Rueben Randle Public Records

Personal Life and Recognitions

As a highly professional football player, Rueben has been reportedly more reserved about his family life and other forms of non-sporting connections.

His net worth by the end year 2019 was said to be at 1 Million dollars approximately. Randle is also associated with charity programs and set up Rueben Randle Foundation to provide aid to the underprivileged.

Rueben Randle is also among the players listed in the honored list of Football Players in America. Rueben Randle totaled massive scores whenever he played on the field. During his junior years, he earned Class 4A All Louisiana designation; All-American honor; and Super-Prep title.

He also played in US Army All American Bowl in 2009. Randle was awarded SEC Champion in 2011 and was regarded as the top-seeded football player by every major recruitment service.

Despite being considered by the Alabama, Oklahoma, and Miami University football teams, he chose to play for the LSU (Louisiana State University), in which he enrolled for his degree in Sports Administration. He also earned top honors from the Associated Press.

Rueben Randle is a college dropout and had been dedicating time for the football practice sessions and playing in the NFL. Apart from his football career, Randle plans to complete his degree in Sports Administration with the LSU.

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