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Russell Wilson Celebrity Life

The Footballer

An American professional footballer, playing pro football Seattle's Seahawks, Russell Carrington Wilson is a quarterback. His team plays under the larger football helm of the NFL.

He holds records as he has achieved many firsts, especially in efficiency in passing the ball in a single season of football - at 191.8. He holds a passer rating of 101.2 on average, and a touchdown rushing rating of 19 on average.

His passing yards are at 29,734, and rushing yards stand at 3,993. He is the highest-paid NFL player today.


Early Life and Short Biography

Born in 1988, in Cincinnati, Wilson was raised for the most part, in Richmond, Virginia, USA. He is the son of a lawyer, Harrison Wilson III, and a legal nurse consultant, Tammy Wilson.

He has an older brother, Harrison Wilson IV, and a younger sister called Anna. At the age of four, Wilson began to play football with his brother and his father.

He played his first official game in the sixth grade, for a football youth team. His ancestry goes back to slavery days when his great-great-grandfather was a slave owned by a colonel in the Confederate Army.

He was freed after the American Civil War. His interesting family background continues with his paternal grandfather, Harrison Wilson Jr., who was the president of the State University of Norfolk.

Russell Wilson Background Check
He played football for his college in Kentucky. His grandfather, from his mother's side, was a famous painter, named A.B. Jackson.

Wilson's father was a footballer and baseball player himself, having played for Dartmouth College - he was also a wide receiver for the team at San Diego in the year 1980.

At Richmond University, Wilson's brother also played football, and Anna, his sister, plays basketball for Stanford University. Football is in Wilson's genes, so to speak.

He is currently married to R & B singer, Ciara, and they have one child and are expecting their second. Wilson has had a prior marriage.

High School

Wilson attended a preparatory school in Virginia. In 2005, his talent was evident in his junior year when he threw for 3,287 passing yards and made 40 touchdowns. He made 634 rushing yards with rushing touchdowns at 15. He won accolades by being mentioned in Richmond's local newspaper.

 In his senior year, Wilson made 3,009 passing yard throws, with passing touchdowns of 34. He also intercepted seven times. His rushing yards stood at 1,132 with 18 rushing touchdowns.

The magazine called Sports Illustrated did a feature on him for his championship victory in the state. He was class president of his senior year as well.

When he was in high school, Wilson attended a summer football coaching camp, run by an NFL player called Peyton Manning.

It was Manning who recognized that Wilson was a talented footballer many years into the future. Wilson played basketball and baseball quite well too.

College Football

North Carolina State University was the choice of college for Wilson, though he got a scholarship to attend Duke as well.

In 2007, the first college season, Wilson took a season off, redshirting to gain eligibility. In the beginning, Wilson shared a quarterback position with his seniors and juniors, in 2008.

Russell Wilson Public Records
Nonetheless, the others were quite irrelevant as the season progressed, so Wilson took over, gaining victory for the team with a winning streak of 4 games.

In the course of the whole season, Wilson could finish 150 attempts from 215 for 1,955 yards with touchdowns amounting to 17 and one interceptions.

For 394 yards, he made 116 carries with four touchdowns. He is the only freshman that has been named to the first team at the conference of the Atlantic Coast.

With many college records under his belt, Wilson finally transferred to Wisconsin during the 2011 season. Passing at 255 yards and two touchdowns passing, he led the team to victory in the first game.

The media praised him to the skies and he won many awards for being the best quarterback of the year. In 2012, he set a single-season record with 33 passing touchdowns at Wisconsin, second only to Drew Brees, playing for Purdue.

For efficiency in passing, Wilson also made a new record - 191.8.

Professional Football

Wilson started training for the scouting combine of the NFL in January 2012. He was projected as a pick of the middle round by scouts earlier.

The only reason why he was not a first-round pick was that he wasn't as tall as other players. In the 2102 draft, he was picked for the team of Seattle's Seahawks. He had a tremendously successful first season and was named "Rookie of the Year."

He has made it to seven pro bowls and has been champion of a super bowl (XLVIII). In 2015, still playing for the Seahawks, he broke many single-season records - he made 4,024 passing yards, with 34 touchdowns, and made the highest passer rating at 110.1.

This was the first time in Seahawk's history that a quarterback threw over 4,000 yards in just one season. In 2015, he injured his ankle. In April 2019, Wilson renewed his contract with the Seahawks, for four years more, at $140 million.

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