T.J. Lang Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Charry A.

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T.J. Lang Celebrity Life

Drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the 2009 NFL draft fourth round was Thomas John Lang. A former American Football Guard, TJ Lang attended Eastern Michigan where he also played college football.

Lang was on the team of the Packer’s win over Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl.

He was also on the Detroit Lions team. Lang attended Brother Rice High School, Birmingham, Michigan after transferring from Lakeland High School. As a senior itself he had one fumble recovery in defense, 59 tackles, and nearly 9 sacks; on both offensive line and defensive line.


At University

While attending Eastern Michigan University, Lang was the defensive lineman for all 11 games of the season with 11 tackles. By the time Lang moved to Sophomore he was offensive tackling and began all of the 36 games over the next three years; from 2006-2009.

Noticing his exceptional performance, he signed a contract for the 2009 NFL Draft in the fourth round, overall 109th, by the Green bay Packers.

T.J. Lang
However, due to an injury to Chad Clifton, Lang played his first game as a left tackle replacing Clifton. Lang’s contract was extended in 2012 by the Packers with a whooping signing bonus of $5.5 million.

In the 2017 Pro Bowl, Lang played his first Pro Bowl while his play during the 2016 season earning his first big appearance in the league.

His Pro Bowl appearance earned him a three-year-long contract with the Detroit Lions. He was the right guard during the 13 games of the first season. It also marked his entry into his second Pro Bowl.

During Lang’s decade-old career, he played 138 games, two Pro Bowl appearances, one Super Bowl ring, and 113 career starts.

It was a real treat for the fans when his web-series was announced that turned out to be a sensational one. Lang’s web-series called “Talkin’ with TJ” garnered quite an attention for two seasons.

 However, his stint called “Goin’ Nuts with TJ” was a spin-off which was more just a way of Lang killing his time since his career was officially over.

His other little stints like traveling to a petting zoo with Graham Glasgow, taking up the blowing glasses challenge with Ragnow, played Bingo and also tried to bully the Detroit Lion’s media.


The worst nightmare of a sportsperson is always leaving due to injury instead of deciding his retirement himself. And it all came true for Lang in 2019.

His decade long career was ended because of a series of quite unfortunate events. Despite starting in six games in 2018 as a right guard, he missed three games because of multiple injuries.

Background Check T.J. Lang
Despite the unrecoverable injuries: five concussions, hip surgery, back and neck problems, Lang would always be one of the favorite football players and still urges the fans to stick with the Detroit Lions.

In November 2018, due to the injuries, he was placed on the injured reserve list. Given that his injuries did not have permanent recoveries and would not make him fit enough to play ahead, he was let go of the Detroit Lion’s team in March 2019.

Towards March-end, Lang finally decides to call it quits and officially announced his retirement from the National Football League.

After a successful career of 10 years, 8 with the Green Bay Packers from 2009 to 2016, and two with the Detroit Lions from 2017 – 2019, Lang thanked all his teammates and officially took to twitter to address his fans and announce his retirement.

Undoubtedly, Lang will be remembered as one of the best guards and one of the best personalities in the game.

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