Trey Lyles Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Rhon A.

Trey Lyles Background Check, Trey Lyles Public Records

Trey Lyles Celebrity Life

Trey Lyles is a professional basketball player for the National Basketball Association (NBA). Standing tall at 2.06m and weighing 234lb, Lyles is currently playing at the power forward/center position for the San Antonio Spurs, a Texan based professional basketball team.

School and College Career

Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Lyles moved to the United States for his schooling. He attended the Arsenal Technical High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. Here, he was part of the Tech’s basketball team called Indianapolis Arsenal Technical.

As a senior Lyles scored on average 23.7 points with 12.9 rebounds and 3.5 assists. He was responsible for leading Arsenal Technical to a spectacular 63- 59 win against the Lake Central High School in the Indiana High School Athletic Association’s State Championships.

 He truly shined as a player during his senior year at the Tech and was touted as being one of the most powerful high school basketball players in the country. He was named Indiana Mr. Basketball when he wrapped up his senior year.

Due to his burgeoning reputation as a strong player, he was approached by several college teams with an intent to recruit.

Trey Lyles Background Check
Some of these teams were- the University of Kentucky’s the Kentucky Wildcats, Indiana University’s the Indiana Hoosiers and the University of Louisville’s the Louisville Cardinals. Initially, Lyles went with Indiana University but later changed his mind and enrolled at the University of Kentucky in June 2014.

His beginning with Kentucky was bumpy as he sustained an injury to his leg which caused him to miss out on some six exhibition games at the Bahamas from 10th August to 17th of the same month. During his freshman year, Lyles became part of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) All-Freshman Team. With him in the team, the Kentucky Wildcats managed to go up till NCAA’s Final Four.

He was also part of the 2014 McDonald’s All- American Game as well as the Jordan Brand Classic. In the same year, he was named to the Parade All- American Boys Basketball Team and was awarded the Gatorade Indiana Boys Basketball Player of the Year. In April 2015 Lyles put his name up for the NBA Draft of 2015.

NBA Career

The Utah Jazz

In June 2015 Lyle was picked up by Salt Lake City’s Utah Jazz. His contract was finalized in July. During the initial months of his rookie season, Lyle scored on an average of 3.0 points along with 3.6 rebounds each game. He was given more minutes to play by the time January came. His performance was steadily improving and he started scoring in double digits.

In a January 4th game with the Houston Rockets, Lyles scored 13 points. In a January 9th game with Florida’s Miami Heat, he registered 10 rebounds.

Trey Lyles Public Records

Shortly after on January 14th Lyles registered a season-high score of 19 points against California’s Sacramento Kings. In February 2016 he was part of the Rising Star Challenge of the NBA All-Star Weekend. In April Lyles registered another career-high of 22 points to emerge victorious 11- 84 against the Denver Nuggets.

The Denver Nuggets

In June 2017 Lyles went over to the Denver Nuggets in a trade-off. Later in December, he registered a season-high of 18 points to achieve a 115- 100 victory against the Los Angeles Lakers.

The same month he scored another career-high, this time it was 25 points in a game against the Indiana Pacers which the Nuggets eventually lost in overtime 126- 116. In January 2018 he achieved a new career-high of 26 points against his former team- the Utah Jazz.

The San Antonia Spurs

In July 2019 Lyle was taken up by the San Antonio Spurs after their star player Marcus Morris left them unexpectedly for the Knicks.

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