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by Rhon A.

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Twiggy Lawson Celebrity Life

Twiggy, originally named Lesley Hornby by birth, is also known by her married name Dame Lesley Lawson. She was born on the day of September 19, 1949, in Neasden, London, England.

She is a British glamour model and actor whose fashionista build and retro look through most of the late 20th century dominated the modeling industry.

She is generally known to be amongst the very first fashion models in the global community — a popular female model who poses regularly on the pages of the world's greatest female publications and is remembered internationally simply by the first name.


Early Life

Twiggy's father had been working as a carpenter and her mom was an employee at the plant.

Twiggy graduated a girls' secondary school and in the year of 1965, at the point in life aged 15, whilst employed as an apprentice in a London beauty salon, she encountered hairstylist Nigel Davies (later identified as Justin de Villeneuve) who, due to her small build, nicknamed her "Twigs."

Twiggy Lawson Background Check
He oversaw her personal transition the next year — combining a short male styled haircut with wide enigmatically lined features and fake lashes.

The youthful figure of Twiggy was perfect for the growing skirts and dresses and gender-neutral styles that were then in fashion at the moment, and her ultimate beauty differentiated her from the curvy, sexy top women of the period.


A design photographer for the Daily Express publication interrogated her after finding her image on a salon mirror and wrote an article portraying her—named Twiggy—as "The Icon of '66," who was eventually elected British Lady of the Year.

Twiggy began in earnest to model widely, earning rapid international attention, and her presence on the cover image of the U.S. version of Vogue's ultimately leading fashion publication dated April of 1967, led her steady rise to popularity.

Twiggy quickly became famous for the whole of a couple of decades, and her image was promoted as a commodity in association with a merchandise range featuring a Twiggy baby doll.

 Twiggy talked about her success in a musical profession and published a 1967 accolade-winning debut song, "Beautiful Dreams."

She officially retired from modeling in 1970 to follow a career as an actor and was included in The Boy Friend (1971), a romantic musical during which she received multiple Golden Globe prizes.

She wrote the fastest-selling memoir, Twiggy, in 75s and was included within the same label in her own TV-variety series. She wed American star Michael Whitney (passed away in 1983), two years down the line.

Twiggy was recognized for her appearance in the Broadway musical My One and Only (1983–84) to win a Tony Trophy. She wed British star and performer Leigh Lawson in 1988.

Twiggy Lawson Public Records  

TV Shows

Twiggy presented TV shows throughout the nascent 21st millennium, notably Twiggy's Citizens (1998), and acted as a jury on the real life-television series America's Next Top Model (2005–07), produced by Tyra Banks, a fellow female fashion designer.

Twiggy was included in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art showcase "The Model as Muse: Embodying Design" (2009), which highlighted the women who had exemplified design throughout the 20th centuries, and in the "Twiggy: A History in Images" (2009–10) of the National Portrait Gallery.

She also released many iconic product ranges involving clothes, skincare, and bed linen and participated in marketing campaigns for some of the world's greatest labels, particularly Olay.

Similar to traditional fashion practices, Twiggy took a leave of absence to be shot by all the stars including John Fwanel and Annie Liebovitz in the nineties and recently celebrated the technical class of critics headed by Tyra Banks on the television show America's Next Top Model (2003), her cooler, more easygoing attitude stepping in for the violent, hate-filled Janice Dickinson.

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