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Von Miller Background Check, Von Miller Public Records

Von Miller Celebrity Life

Von Miller, born March 26, 1989, in Dallas, Texas, is a linebacker for Denver Broncos of NFL. He has been playing for the Denver Broncos since the 2011 draft where he was ranked second.

He was involved in winning the Super Bowl 50 with the Denver Broncos during which, he was named Most Valuable Player of the Match where the Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers.

Already in his first year as a professional player, in 2011, he was selected for the All-star game Pro Bowl, and he has been selected three more times before the Super Bowl 50.


High School and College

Von Miller was a promising high school athlete but invested in American football in college. Considered a four-star recruit by Rivals.com, Miller was listed as the country's 15th best Defensive end in 2007.

He chose to go to Texas A&M, having received offers from the University of Mississippi, University of Florida, University of Oklahoma & Texas University of Technology.

Von Miller Background Check
During his time in college, he was named the best linebacker by the union and was awarded the Butkus Award, which is also awarded to the best linebacker.

He played from 2007 to 2010 for Texas A&M, starting as a defensive end and evolving as a linebacker. In the spring of 2008, Miller was suspended for having deliberately missed several classes.

In 2010, Von Miller decided to pursue his university career and delay his entry into the professional world of American football by one year.

He missed the first six university meetings because of a sprained ankle. He still managed to make 10.5 sacks and 17.5 tackles for loss.

Professional Career

Miller would have been a 2nd round in 2010 NFL Draft but for his not passing his senior season, He was amongst the top 5 players for the next draft.

During the 2011 Senior Bowl, Miller was named the best defensive player in the game.
During the NFL Scouting Combine, he achieved a time of 4.53 seconds in the 40- yard sprint, the second-best time for the linebackers.


Von Miller was selected in the 2011 NFL Draft in 2nd place by the Denver Broncos. Only Cam Newton was chosen before Miller. He is the highest selected linebacker since LaVar Arrington in 2000.

On July 28, 2011, Von Miller officially signed his contract with the Denver Broncos. He chose to wear the number 58 in tribute to his favorite American football player, the former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, Derrick Thomas.

Von Miller had a great 2012 season, recording 18.5 sacks. He finished third in the league in this register.

Miller finished second in the ranking of the best defensive players of the season and was named to the All-Pro team of the season.

Von Miller Public Records
Before the start of the 2013 NFL season, Von Miller was recognized as one of the best players in the league. He was ranked 9th in the list of top 100 NFL players.

However, the start of his season was delayed. The NFL suspended him for six games for trying to cheat during an anti-doping test.

On November 24, he scored a 60-yard touchdown against the New England Patriots. He was injured at the end of September and did not take part in the games until Super Bowl XLVIII.

He returned from injury and made a real impact on the defense of the Broncos. In the 2015 season, he became the third-fastest player to reach 50 sacks in just 58 NFL games.

Von Miller was named the best player in Super Bowl 50. After his great season with the Broncos in 2015, the Broncos decided to label him a franchise player on March 1, 2016.

This made Miller unable to negotiate with any other team.

On July 15, Miller renewed his contract for 6 years for $114.5 million, with $70 million guaranteed, making him the highest-paid defender in NFL history.

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