Walter Johnson Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Walter Johnson Background Check, Walter Johnson Public Records

Walter Johnson Celebrity Life

Walter Johnson is a world-famous Major League Baseball player. This 59-year-old player is loved by his fans for his pitching. He is fondly known as Barney and The Big Train. Walter had played baseball for 21 years straight and had later worked as a Manager for Senators and Cleveland Indians.

He played for Washington Senators from 1907 to 1927. Walter Johnson’s pitching records are unbeatable to date. He has been elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1936. He was a legendary player who died at a young age of 51.



Walter Johnson was born into a huge family with five siblings. His parents owned a farm in Kansas. His ancestors were British. Walter moved to California with his family when he was fourteen years old. Walter was interested in riding horses when he was young. He even worked in oil fields. He started playing baseball from school and he created many records during school matches.

Walter Johnson Background Check

Early career and professional career

Walter moved to Idaho and he joined as a pitcher for one of the teams in Idaho where he played for Idaho State League. His game was powerful and he was spotted by Washington Senators in July 1907. Walter was 19 when he joined the Washington Senators.

This young pitcher was tall and his opponents feared his presence on the ground. He pitched with a sidearm action that made the game interesting and difficult for the opponent team. Johnson had recorded 3508 strikeouts and it was an unbeatable record for so many years. Johnson joined Senators and won 417 games for the team. His 21-year career recorded 20 win seasons in Major Leagues. Similarly, the 65 games that he lost are also included in MLB world records.


Records and Rewards

Johnson has won three triple crowns for pitchers in the year 1913, 1918 and 1924. He was also declared as American League’s Most Valuable Player in 1913 and 1924. Johnson finished his career with 23 home runs. This is the ninth highest by a pitcher in Major League Baseball. He started working as a manager since 1928 and managed Minor Leagues.

He later moved on to coach Major leagues and he retired in 1935 while coaching Cleveland Indians. In 1939, he worked as a radio announcer on station WJSV. He was also an active politician and he ran for Congress seat in Maryland in the year 1940.

Personal life

Walter was married to Hazel Lee Roberts in 1914. The couple has five children. Walter’s wife died in 1930 due to heatstroke. Walter died in Washington in the year 1946. He was buried next to his wife. He suffered from a brain tumor for nine long months before his death. He and Hazel are buried in Rockville Maryland.

Walter Johnson Public Records
Net Worth

According to sports magazines and other sources, Walter Johnson owned a net worth of about $81 million USD. His income came from playing basketball and his coaching stint.


Walter was inducted into the hall of fame as an inaugural member. He is remembered for his friendliness and sportsmanship during his games. In 1924 World Series, Senators had a tough season with the bribe acquisition on the New York team and the League’s President wishing to call off the series. Despite Walter being on their side, the team struggled a lot for their series victory. But what fans and players remember is Walter Johnson played a gentleman’s game and his spirit lead the team to victory.

Walter was proudly referred to as The Big Train by sportswriter Grantland Rice as he could pitch at the speed of a running train. His speed was recorded every time and his highest record was 134 feet per second. His role as a manager at Washington Senators and at Cleveland Indians was also well appreciated by the team, players and audience.

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