Wells Adams Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Rhon A.

Wells Adams Background Check, Wells Adams Public Records

Wells Adams Celebrity Life

About Wells Adams

Wells Adams is one of the most popular television stars across the world. He has participated in some of the most sought after TV shows. Wells Adams was born on 19th May 1984 in the town of Monterey, California.

He is 6 feet tall and looks very hot. He is one of the hottest looking contestants/ participants of all time on all his shows. He worked as a radio DJ.
He was also a key part of Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise.

He was a part of Seasons 4, 5, and 6 of Bartender. These are some of the most popular shows in the world.


Wells Adams' Career

Wells Adams is most popularly known for his participation in the hit show The Bachelorette [12th season]. He was eliminated from the show in week number 6.

Subsequently, he also participated in the 3rd season of the hit show- Bachelor in Paradise. In this show, he was eliminated in week 6. He split up with Ashley Loconetti, while on the show.

He returned to participate once more for the 4th, 5th, and 6th season of Bachelor of Paradise. Here, he replaced Jorge Moreno as the bartender.

Wells Adams Background Check


Very few people know about the history of how Wells Adams started his stint on The Bachelor. His brother was offered the show first, but he found a girlfriend and withdrew from the show.

He introduced Wells Adams to the casting directors of The Bachelorette. They decided to cast him.


Wells Adams has studied Journalism with a minor in PR and English from the University of Mississippi.

He is different than the usual image of stars and television personalities who are party people and not into academics.


Apart from being a TV star, Adams is also a very successful radio jockey. His podcast – Your Favourite Thing with Brandi Cyrus (Miley Cyrus’ sister) is very popular. He has hosted many shows on radio stations.

This shows that Wells Adams is very talented and explores avenues outside the realm of television shows.

His Unique Traits

Wells Adams is highly considerate towards animals. He is very fond of dogs and other animals too. He is associated with the Nashville Humane Association.

It is famous for helping homeless dogs find their home. He is a kind and compassionate celebrity, who cares for the society.

Wells Adams Public Records  
Personal Life and Relationship

Wells Adams has been dating and is in a relationship with Sarah Hyland since 2017. They are going to get married soon. They are in a live-in relationship since 2017.

They got engaged in July 2019. They both took parents' consent before deciding to finally get married.
They are often seen posing pictures on social media. She is equally as popular and successful as Well Adams.

About Personal Life

Before Adams started dating Sarah Hyland, he was in a very serious relationship with co-star Danielle Maltby. But, the couple broke up as Mitby moved abroad for better career options.

In fact, she now wishes well for Adams and Sarah Hyland. Initially, they started flirting with each other and were gradually dating. Sarah had a huge crush on him, way back in 2016. They started seeing each other the same year.

When Sarah underwent a kidney transplant surgery, Adams went from Nashville to LA to be with her. She was the one who made the first move. He proposed to her, while they were on a beach in July 2019.

Other Information

His favorite movies are Play Misty for Me, Back to the Future II, and The Shawshank Redemption.

On the whole, Wells Adams is a loved celebrity and very popular with his fans.

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