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Busted Mugshots
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Latest Busted Mugshots Online

What is the Purpose of a Mugshot?

The easy to way explain a mugshot is simply by referring to it as an official image or photograph that is taken of an individual when he or she has been arrested and and processed by the police or other law enforcement agency. A mugshot serves as a clear photo record in order to identify the person. In most cases mugshots are public records unless otherwise stated or labeled by the authorities. A mugshot has three sides: Front photographic view, left side of suspect and right side of suspect.

How Does the Police Process, Collect, and Use Mugshots?

When people get arrested, they must go through a booking process during which the police collect personal information about arrestees and document the details of the crime. During the booking process, the police take mugshots (photos of the arrestee), whether he/she is innocent or not.

A mugshot is a photo of a person who has been arrested that the police take when processing the crime. The photo of the arrestee contains the booking number of the arrestee, their name, and a plain background.

Mugshots have several purposes during and after the booking process: firstly, mugshots are needed so that police and officials in the jail will be able to identify prisoners positively. Secondly, mugshots are used in legal proceedings: lawyers, police, and witnesses are shown mugshots to identify defendants.

Sometimes, mugshots are distributed to the general public; for instance, if a detainee escapes jail of commits further crimes, authorities will distribute his/her mugshots so that the public is able to help apprehend the person who escaped.

In the past, mugshots were taken with analog cameras, printed, and kept with arrest records. However, technology has allowed maintaining computerized databases of mugshots along with physical files. So, nowadays, the police collect mugshots with digital cameras, and it keeps them in computer files that can be shared with other authorities.

In the past few years, mugshots have also become available to the public thanks to online arrest records and online criminal records. Individuals who desire to find out if someone has a criminal record, they can tap into online public files that contain, among other details, mugshots and arrest records' information.

Mugshots are not always available; if a criminal record has been sealed or expunged, it will not be available to the public. Also, juvenile records' mugshots are not available in online or offline police records.

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